Open The Doors To Israeli Fashion, Part 7. – Northern Star by Nadav Rosenberg

Boys and girls, we arrived to our final destination, and I hope we actually did open some doors to the ever-talented designers from the White City. Our last fashion dictator modeling for Hungarian-Israeli visual artist, Doron Ritter is Nadav Rosenberg, owner, founder and designer of the successful label, Northern Star. 


It’s been almost two years since I first met Nadav at the Tel Aviv Fashion Week, and by now he became one of the most important young designers from Israel. Asking him what could be the key for success, he said: “As I started to attend at the fashion fairs like Dress Code I realized my clients are not only students and thirty-something women, but ladies in fifties as well. This is when I decided I need to adjust myself to my crowd: I started to make bigger sizes, and people appreciate the attention.”


No surprise that Nothern Star is starting to get recognized all over the world: they are shipping collections it to Europe and the USA as well. “I was approached by a lady who lives in California – she is working with big designers, not young talents, yet for some reason she has a good feeling about me, and she ordered a few items to test the sells – everything sold out super fast.” – ha says.




Although Nadav is focusing on women’s wear, some of the bravest boys are gladly experimenting with his designs. Look at Israeli drag icon and entertainer, Uriel Yekutiel wearing a blouse from the latest Nothern Star collection.


Why Open the Doors To Israeli Fashion?

“It’s very hard to be a designer here, because there are so many great talents and the market is so tiny. In the same time these difficulties are pushing us to the next level: all our works have to be truly unique, special, and fun to wear.” Nadav Rosenberg

Check out Nadav’s website, visit his Facebook page, and set an appointment with him at, +972 (0) 52 858 3358, or +972 (0) 3 699 7499.


Picture credits: photographed by Doron Ritter,  make up and hair by Yoni Shain. Photo assistant: Sára Salamon, general assistant: Julia Zimre. Very special thanks to Orly Leo Bohrer. Photos number 4, 5, 6, 7 are  from the Northern Star Facebook page. Read all the secrets of the shooting presented by my friends at DreedTea blogazine, and follow me on Facebook not to miss my next post!

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