Open The Doors To Israeli Fashion Part 5. – Tamar Primak

Continuing the introduction of my favorite Israeli fashion designers photographed especially for the blog we arrived to the unavoidable Tamar Primak. My first experience with her was seeing her show at the Tel Aviv Fashion Week two years ago – and ever since I’m a huge fan. See for yourself why… 


Some of the designers were a bit shy shooting the series, but Tamar felt wonderful in front of Doron Ritter‘s camera. “I like performance art, I don’t have fear of audience.” – she says. “Once I did the costumes for a theater play called ‘The Lover’ and it was such an enchanting world, I even got into acting. Everything what has to do with stage and excitement I love.”


Tamar came a long way since she started her own label. “I know my clients much better now, I know myself much better. The whole concept of the brand is more clear to me.” The designer recently moved into a new Bauhaus studio, where her fashion salon channels the real “White City” feeling.


The typical costumer of the label is the women who is searching the perfect clothing – they can be brides, sisters of brides, mothers, or ladies with a great taste looking for unique every day garments they can relate to. “It’s very nostalgic to have someone sawing your garments, and it’s great to see how much they appreciate the outcome. And as many of them usually shops at Nina Ricci or Armani, they are also very happy with my prices.” – says Tamar.




The label’s next step to find a few boutiques all over the world, wanting to sell the garments. “I have lots of clients from abroad, and after ordering one time they usually get in touch again. It would be great if this process could be faster with having some stores selling Tamar Primak clothing in Budapest, Paris, London, and elsewhere.”

Why open the doors to Israeli Fashion?

“We have some really talented designers here – if they would be from somewhere else they would be noticed internationally for sure. But the truth is if we’d create elsewhere, we’d not  have the same style. The colors, the atmosphere, the dressed down urban feeling, and the beach are all unique factors of the Tel Avivian, Israeli fashion scene.” Tamar Primak


Above: Here’s how to recreate Tamar’s style out of fast fashion clothing. For the real deal visit Tamar’s studio by appointment: +972 522 630 564, 25 Gordon Street , Tel Aviv. For shopping online click here.

Picture credits: photographed by Doron Ritter,  make up and hair by Yoni Shain. Photo assistant: Sára Salamon, general assistant: Julia Zimre. Very special thanks to Orly Leo Bohrer. Catalog photos from Tamar Primak’s Facebook page. Read all the secrets of the shooting presented by my friends at DreedTea blogazine, and follow me on Facebook not to miss the next part of the editorial.

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