Open The Doors To Israeli Fashion Part 4. – Ugly Duckling by Gal Angel

Tel Aviv is all set for the summer: we’ve got the everlasting sunshine, the cool cocktails, and the sexy girls and boys hitting the beach day by day. But the not-so-secret ingredient was missing – until now: the awaited new swimwear collection of Ugly Duckling by my favorite bathing costume designer, Gal Angel. 

and_5831 (1)

As the funnest season of the White City has arrived I’m proud to present Doron Ritter’s photographs of Gal, striking a pose in our very own production. In the past few weeks Israeli fashion dignitaries showed us their self-designed garments, and we still have a lot to show you guys. But for now take a look at our most easygoing occasional model, working her outfit on the streets of historical Jaffa, Israel.

AND_5806 (1)

“This laced jumper suit is my favorite item from the previous collection. It’s amazingly versatile – you can go out partying with it, chill out on a night at the beach, wear it as a pajama, or as an everyday outfit work work.” – says Gal, who was celebrating her birthday on the day of our shooting. I even surprised her with a vegan banana-chocolate cake, topped with an ugly duckling made of sugar frosting.


The designer’s approach is to create outfits which can be varied, mixed and matched, and her inspiration is usually the nostalgic, vintage feeling. As she says: “I experiment with a fusion between my favorite 60s cuts and appeal, and the 80s pop-trash culture. It gives a fresh kick to the collection.”


The brand new Ugly Duckling items are just around the corner, but meanwhile what’s left from Gal’s phenomenal loungwear collection is on a massive sale: check out her online shop to get 50% reduction of the original prices, and follow her official Facebook page and homepage so you’ll be the first one to know everything about the new summer collection.





Why open the door to Israeli fashion?

“The local fashion world changed so much in the recent few years: we have a fascinating mix of small fashion houses that produce original Israeli fashion, with a unique statement. Our fabrics are one of a kind, and the peerless commodity combined with the enthusiasm of the local designers leads the costumers to a fashion scene which you don’t find anywhere else in the world.” Gal Angel



Picture credits: photographed by Doron Ritter,  make up and hair by Yoni Shain. Photo assistant: Sára Salamon, general assistant: Julia Zimre. Catalog photo credits and more models from the new collection here. Very special thanks to Orly Leo Bohrer. Read all the secrets of the shooting presented by my friends at DreedTea blogazine, and follow me on Facebook not to miss the next part of the editorial.

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