Open The Doors To Israeli Fashion, part 2. – Sister M.

We met them last month at the Tel Aviv Fashion Week, and now they are back again on the blog, with an exclusive interview about the upcoming collection. Our very first own photographic production‘s second guests are the Sister M girls, Meital and Rahya Mitrani.  


The ladies were real naturals in front of Doron Ritter‘s camera – although they say it’s not their favorite thing to be photographed. Meital’s baby was not only a hero, but a real superstar, giving a special emotional touch to all the pictures. “Our favorite item from this collection is the Miriam dress, that represented the idea of the collection the best by the combination of the Beduin style and a modern, urban cut.” – says the designers.

_DSC5996 (Large)

Their new summer collection is inspired by Israel’s national bird Duchifat, who is nesting in our country most of the year. “The bird represent for us the Israeli vibe of freedom and it’s ability to adjust to summer conditions. It’s a beautiful bird that has an amazing colors and textures, her crown is so elegant and inspiring.”

inspiration board

“The collection is colorful and fun, It still has our ethnic touch and is very bohemian. We used the idea of freedom and flying in all the garment and in this collection we even designed pants for the first time.”  The bridal collection was dreamed to life by the same inspiration atmosphere, and as in every collection, this one has a collection of accessories.


Why open the doors to Israeli fashion?

“Wherever you are, you are influenced by the scenery – and the same thing happens to the clothes: they relate to their surroundings. Our inspiration is to connect to the origins of what we essentially are, and giving a meaning to them in a new, urban environment.  What comes out is always very interesting.  We never arrive, we are always looking for ourselves, and with that we give a statement to the world of fashion.” Sister M. designers, Rahya and Meital Mitrani 

_DSC5905 (Large)

You still have a chance to get an item from the winter collection, before summer takes over. (Especially since most of their winter garments are still relevant for summer season.) Visit the Sister M. studio/store on Derech shlomo 79 st. Tel Aviv. To coordinate a meeting at the studio call: +972-50-9028063

Photographed by Doron Ritter,  make up and hair by Yoni Shain. Photo assistant: Sára Salamon, general assistant: Julia Zimre. Very special thanks to Orly Leo Bohrer. Photo #2 and #5 are by Dvir Kahlon. Read all the secrets of the shooting presented by my friends at DreedTea blogazine, and follow me on Facebook not to miss the next part of the editorial.


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