Open The Doors To Israeli Fashion! – Part 1: Maria Berman

The blog is proud to present it’s very first photographic editorial, featuring some of the most remarkable Israeli fashion designers, wearing their very own designs. In the next few week’s I’ll be sharing these photos, taken by my good friend, Doron Ritter, a talented and appreciated Hungarian-Israeli portrait and fashion photographer. Our first guest is Maria Berman.

Our goal  was to encourage people  to discover Israeli fashion, and to introduce the face, soul, and heart behind young Israeli labels. Meet Maria Berman, who  was born in Russia, and lives in Israel since the age of 12. Maria graduated in fashion design at Israel’s prestigious Shankar College. She has an eponymous label since 2009 and by now it’s becoming a leading name in the Tel Avivian fashion scene.


For Maria, the photo shooting is a very enjoyable time of the season, especially in such a poetic scene. “It’s like a painting where your coloring palletes are your clothes, and the canvas is the individual. It’s always nice to see your garments worn by a beautiful woman, who’s making it work without words, only by strong presence.”


“I loved this winter collection because of all the interesting textures and forms involved. My two fav items are boxy quilt jacket with a flowers print, hand dyed and wax covered skirt. My new summer collection is going to be in the spirit of simplicity and minimalism. Made of fine jersey, soft and crispy cotton and other textiles.I especially like this soft tailored dress, fitted and slightly sexy due to the transparency play of two materials. Also the a knee length waffel skirt with two-pocket T-shirt.”


“At the upcoming Dress Code fashion sale I will present my summer collection, and will also offer some winter garments, in case someone desired, but missed them. I also invite you girls to my studio, in The Pasáž, 94 Allenby street, downstairs.”

Why open the doors to Israeli fashion?

“People know that we are important in high-tech start-ups, but it’s time they discover that we are also creating beautiful fashion. Designers here are influenced by their lives and family’s roots, the surrounding and beautiful people. What’s connecting us is that we are taking out the best of the situation – driven by our own voice and perspectives.” “ Maria Berman 

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Picture credits: photographed by Doron Ritter,  make up and hair by Yoni Shain. Photo assistant: Sára Salamon, general assistant: Julia Zimre. Very special thanks to Orly Leo Bohrer. Read all the secrets of the shooting presented by my friends at DreedTea blogazine, and follow me on Facebook not to miss the next part of the editorial.

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