Small Country, Great Adventure!

Last week I got an invitation from the Ministry of Tourism in Israel and the Embassy of Israel in Hungary to join a group of journalists discovering the not-so-holy side of the Holy Land. We’ve been travelling around, enjoying the amazing food, mouthwatering wine, and everlasting sunshine this country has to offer.




Kibuts Ein Gedi for me equals the Garden of Eden. This beautiful oasis offers cabins for those who want to get away from the noise. Try the new Spa, overlooking the Dead Sea, and indulge yourself at the sauna, steam, or book a mud pack massage.


Looking down from the Masada – the fortress is a symbol of Jewish heroism. The heartbreaking story of the somewhat 1000 Jews who killed themselves so they won’t have to suffer the cruelty of the Romans is alive in every single stone.


Jeep tour in the Judean desert. Once, when salt was one of the most valuable currency to pay with these hills were packed by people, fighting over the salt. Now days, when salt is probably the cheapest thing to buy in a supermarket it’s only us here, adventurous tourists.


Arriving to the Isrotel Hotel by the Dead Sea. The complex is a luxurious resort with private pools – both hot and cold, a spa, and a restaurant offering “all inclusive” option at breakfast and dinner time, including beer and wines.


Talking about wine… we visited the famous Barkan winery, where we had the chance to go through the never ending forest of barrels. The wine tasting was something to remember… yet I drank so much, I don’t remember much.


When I left the visitor’s center I bough a few bottles of barrel aged Cabarnet Sauvignon – needless to say, a few days later it was all gone. I swear I was trying to save it for rainy days… but there are no rainy days in Israel anyway!


Fine dining at Mona‘s. This incredible restaurant was one of the best places I’ve eaten in Jerusalem. Although it’s not a vegan place, they are more than happy to fix a perfectly vegan menu for you, so don’t be shy to ask.


Getting to know the history of the Golden City, Jerusalem, through the colorful lights and moving music. The “outdoor cinema” is actually the Tower of David.


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