#InstaGay in #Israel

There is no better way to get to know a new country than searching for the local „it boys” and „it girls” on Instagram. While guidebooks expire, tour guides tend to represent a classic profile of a city, social media is always up-to-date.


This is why I decided to introduce you some of the White City’s most active hashtaggers – these LGBTQ icons defenetely deserve a „follow”!

Anat Nir – party producer, activist
Instagram name: @AnatNir


This übercool girl is not simply an Instagram hero – she is the head of the Israeli delegation to Equality Forum, and – with her business partner Dana Ziv – the party producer of the country’s most famous lesbian party line, DanaVeAnat.


Looking at her profile you’ll find the posters of the upcoming events, and much more: awesome fashion shoots, typical Tel Avivian vibe, and cultural treats, as Anat is co-creator of the Lethal Lesbian film festival – Israel’s only lady’s movie line of local lesbian films.

Gull Kozlov – professional “Golden Boy”
Instagram name: @Golden_2014


He is there at every important party, his photo comes across five times a day on Facebook , and his pics are “liked” by hundreds of people – yet no one I know really knows who he is. For people from across the Globe he might represent the typical outgoing, gym-fit Israeli stud, yet in Israel he clearly stands out of the line with his blonde hair and fair skin.


Looking at his profile follow him to the shower, get in to bed with him, and watch him grabbing his junk, commenting „Love yourself” – but always keep the safe distance: rumor has it no matter how provocative he is, he actually has a steady boyfriend. Sorry boys!

Dror Amsallem – graphic designer, movie director, editor-in-chief
Instagram name: @DrorKJ


This talented Israeli artist started off as a graphic designer, but soon he discovered that he had more so say than to be able to follow the orders of the costumers. He came out with a self-designed magazine, distributing raw, un-retouched photographs of guys.


Since then skinny boys, big bears, fuzzy queens and puffed up gym fanatics dropped their clothes in front of his camera, and his magazine – BaYad – is sold all over the world. Yet on his Instagram profile the greatest star is his cute dog, Pepper, and the mouthwatering food he is preparing with his friends – as he is a hobby chef as well.

Yoni Shain – make-up artist
Instagram name: @yonishain


It’s enough to look at Yoni’s photos to understand that this talented guy breathes life. Even his headline says „Love people, love food, love life, love you!” As he is many Israeli fashion designers and popcultural icon’s favorite make-up artist his works can be seen in several places.


For instance: glossy magazines, posters of parties, and video clips, and his articles about beauty and fashion are published in the Hebrew language online magazine, Primadonna. Follow Yoni for some instant happiness and even more make-up tips!

Tomer Bardosh – “It Boy”, fashion observer
Instagram name: @Tomer_Bar1984


This insolently young boy was a leading hipster already before wearing your grandma’s blouse became cool again. He seems like he just stepped out of a time machine, coming from the eighties: high waist trousers, cheeky tank tops, and vintage shades.


This impression gets even more realistic when he starts do dance – as he knows the choreography by heart for almost every classic Madonna song. No surprise that his Instagram headline quotes the Queen of Pop: “Poor is the man whose pleasures depend on the permission of another.”

And last but not least follow me @WhiteCityBoy, for even more insider news from LGBTQ Tel Aviv.


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