…and it feels like home! – Ofrin is back in Tel Aviv

Sick of “dance music” and can’t make a difference between a Gaga, Riri, and Nicki Minaj song? Ofrin is coming to Israel to save you, and does two shows: one in Haifa, and one in Tel Aviv. Organic, electronic, powerful, shamanic music with the easiness of pop – from Berlin directly to your soul!

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Ofrin aka Ofri Brin is a singer, musician, producer and visual artist Living in Berlin. She just released her third album, The Bringer, and this time she was working on the production, lyrics , music, graphic and video work as well. She’s been busy participating in musical projects in New York, Brighton and Tel Aviv – from the age of fourteen.

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In 2004 she finally set foot in Berlin where she set roots and established her band, Ofrin. Between 2005-2008 they released two albums – Rust and Velvet and On Shore Remain – where they cooperated with Producer Eddie Stevens, who worked with names such as Moloko and Roisin Murphy.

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The new album got incredible media’s and public attention: a wonderful review at the Rolling Stone Magazine, sold out tours around Europe, shows in the Berlin Fashion Week and participation in the TED platform. “The Bringer is a full philosophic and emotional journey i have been going through, that we are all going through, i would like to believe.” – says Ofri.

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With her very own words: “The album here to raise questions about our existence in everyday modern life, existing through the virtual realm, becoming distant from one another. We are a generation that still remembers something different, and we are missing a place to belong. The Bringer is here to try and give us this feeling of home we are longing for.”

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“…the ability to melt endless influences into one is in Ofrin’s nature. A nostalgic and modern world, a cosmos of sound, the oriental and western coming to life in a combination between elements of Jazz electronic apparat and a hypnotizing voice are ‫whole‬.” Rolling Stone magazine, 2013

Mark your calendars! Wednesday, March 12, 2014, 9:30 pm. Venue: Pasáž, Allenbi 94, 65813 Tel Aviv, Israel

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