What’s New Tel Aviv? – 5 Fun Tips for Israel Fans

Since I started the blog I’m getting so many press releases and invitations, that sometimes it’s tough to decide what to blog about. Therefore I decided to share with you an online “newsletter” once a month, collecting a few of the most exciting happenings in town. Here’s where to eat, what to see, what to wear, where to shop, and what to read this month! 



Nolita למולטי ברנד סתיו חורף 13-14 חולצה צהובה 1399 שח מכנסיים 1199 שח צילום יחצ חול

What to eat?

Esther is a romantic little bistro serving the best of French and Mediterranean cuisine. Chef Isaac Bar Siman Tov built the menu out of his passion for culinary, and every dish corresponds with one of the amazing wines they serve. As a vegan I tried their paella – absolutely to die for.

03-632-5852, 8 Ha-Atzmaut street, Yehud, Israel


20091015_0132 copy

What to see?

A French guy living in Tel Aviv, Israel, with a gallery in anchient Arab Jaffa – creating art about Unity. What an incredible combo! Get to know Julien Roux – the artist who can easily get away with illustrating and writing children’s books, and selling drawings of a men, praying to a Crucifix, wearing high heels. Note: in the March issue of Time Out Israel you can read my insightful interview with Julien.

+972509205595 – roulious@hotmail.com, 15 Netiv Amazalot, Jaffa, Israel


moi par gaelle copie

What to wear?

Italian brand Nolita is named after a New York neighborhood called “North Little Italy” and the clothes are designed and manufactured in Venice by a dynamic team of fashion professionals. The Italian celebrity-favorite label – best known from the controversial campaigns by photographer Oliviero Toscani – finally made it to Israel. All items made of luxurious, delicate fabrics. My favorite collection is the Etno Vintage line dominated by red, burnt umber, saffron, cream and black colors.

Details and point of sale across Israel : 03-6833233

Nolita למולטי ברנד סתיו חורף 13-14 צילום יחצ חול (3)

Nolita למולטי ברנד סוודר אוברסייז 1499 שח סתיו חורף 13-14 צילום יחצ חול

 Where to shop?

The brand new Laster collection is here – and as always, it’s fabulous. The label is a leading and innovative bag and accessory brand, founded in 1999 by Eyal Laster. The designer pays a personal attention on fitting the items to the dynamic, practical and comfortable lifestyle. The outcome is chic and stylish design for anyone who loves to be beautiful. Laster is marketed in over 250 stores in Israel, and it’s also exported abroad to selected boutiques in Europe and US. As a vegan I’m especially happy to see that Eyal loves using good quality faux leather.

03-5167186, info@laster-design.com, 22 Mazeh St, Tel Aviv Israel

LASTER כובע בארט מנומר 79שח צילום דרור בן נפתלי (2)

LASTER תיק ערב כחול רויאל  319שח צילום דרןר בן נפתלי

What to read?

Dreed*Tea is a fashion and lifestyle blogazine based in Tel Aviv that promotes independent Israeli fashion designers, professionals, bloggers, events, design schools as well as all that is fashion world related. Be unique. Be yourself. Be updated!

The Size Doesn’t Matter campaign is a cutting-edge social media experience that includes videos, an interactive website and promotional give-aways. SDM quickly became Canada’s most successful of its kind, reaching thousands across the country and beyond. Israeli nightlife, pop-culture, LGBTQ issues, technology, culture, art, innovation and much more!



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