Here Today, Gone Tomorrow – Guest Post on Trends That Should Get Lost Already

Being in fashion means knowing the trends before they even exist. However, it also means knowing when to let go of things. My guest blogger, Daria is a fashion enthusiast with a soft spot for vintage style and cats. She also blogs at See what she has to say about trends we should say good bye to… 

You know that old t-shirt you’ve had since high-school and still wear every now and then, despite it being full of holes? Maybe you should retire it. Everything has an expiration date, especially when the product becomes supersaturated. The high-low skirt from last spring? We think you should let go of it too. Actually, there are a few trends that can very well stay in 2013, and we wouldn’t miss them at all.


Image via La Modella Mafia Blog

1. Studs. It was nice for a while, but then everyone started studding everything! It’s really tempting to DIY your whole wardrobe, but then when your shoes, bag, collar, headband and sunglasses all have studs… it can look a bit scary.


Image via Stylelite

2. Stiletto nails. Some people think they’re sexy, but honestly, they always kind of freaked us out. Lana del Rey doesn’t seem to want to let go of her pointy, impractical nails, but we’re perfectly ready to do so. Especially when they come covered in rhinestones and such!


Image via Style Bust

3. Over the shoulders coat. We didn’t get it at first, then it grew on us, and now we’re back to thinking it’s too impractical to last. Editors and street style darlings made the coat over the shoulders acceptable, in order to show off the outfit underneath. But if you’re cold, just put on your coat and get it over with!


Image via Fashables

4. High-low skirts. We get it: party in the front, business in the back. Or was it the other way around? High-low skirts aren’t really that flattering, and we’ve seen so many of them that we want out. Just decide on a length and stick with it!

©thestreetfashion5xpro by Stefano Coletti IMG_1908©

Image via Street Fashion 5XPro

5. Embellished sunglasses. At first they were so cool and elegant… But then they’ve reached a whole new level! Just glueing something to a pair of sunglasses doesn’t make them awesome, so we’re pretty much over this trend.

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