Design with Love from Israel – The success story of Studio RDD

It’s a rare given blessing to work together with a childhood friend on making a dream come true they shared for decades. Alex Makarov and Ilena Selezneb are not only longtime pals but also the founders of Studio RDD – a design studio based in Pardes Hana, Israel. I met Alex for a nice cup of coffee to hear about the international success story of the brand. And the best news: thanks to these guys now you can WIN a unique “eye peace” door decoration… details after the interview. 




How did u guys meet and when did u decide to team up to create something together?

Ilana and myself know each other since the fourth grade, almost for 20 years now. Growing up together we both had great passion for design and art, and we always knew that this is the right direction for us. When we started our design studies we realized that since we want and believe the same things it would be a shame not to fulfill our dreams together.

When did yr design studio start to work and what was the most difficult baby steps of setting up the project?

We opened the studio two years ago and the most difficult thing was to combine finishing our studies and starting up the business. Both of them demanded full time job and we found ourselves working 24/7.



When was the first time you got a feedback and you felt you are on the right track?

When we just started to work, everyone around us was very supportive and it was very helpful, however when people started to purchase our “eyepiece” door decorations from all around Israel we understood that we are actually making it happen. The first time we felt success was when one of our projects, the barrel scooter, was showed in big design exhibitions all around Israel. We were very proud and excited and got amazing feedback.

What is your opinion about Israel as a home of design and trend?

In the past few years people started to understand the great role of design in their life’s, an this gives us great hope for the future.



You are working with an organization helping to get work for people in special needs. Tell me more about this amazing idea.

We believe in giving back to the society we live in. We do this through donations to several charities, and we are working with professional factories that employ people with special needs. These places do great work with big passion and we get much more than a product: we get a chance to show everyone that those people can do way more than most people realize.

How would you describe the style of RDD in a few sentences?

We always trying to create colorful, fresh and young designed products with touch of humor. Most of our products are functional and interlock in everyday life.



What’s your best selling design?

Our best selling design is the eyepiece door decoration I mentioned earlier. We are selling it all around Israel and the world.



Studio RDD’s unique desgins can be found at Asufa design store in Jaffa, Harazif store in Tel Aviv, Hasuca store in Benyamina and online on EtsyU-botique, and Habutik.

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