New Year’s treat by Andy Ve Eirn: holiday giveaway from the coolest knitwear designer in town

As the blog is saying farewell to 2013, you can say hello to your brand new scarf by Andy Ve Eirn! Our present for you is a warm and beautiful must-have piece – for being faithful to the site for over a year. Find out how can you get yours, and read the fascinating story of Israel’s awesome knitwear brand as told by the label’s founder and designer when I visited her studio. 

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Yael Scharaby, the young Tel Avivian designer studied to become a textile designer at Israel’s famous art school, Shankar, but she turned out to be so much more. Her beautiful knitwear and self-designed fabrics quickly became the most wanted winter items of the year 2010, when she opened her brand, named after her beloved grandparents.



Andy Ve Eirn is all about the textile” – says the designer who’s creations are characterized in geometric patterns, following a minimalist style. The color plate is of monochromatic shades of black, grey and white, and the fabrics are natural – she is mainly working with cotton, linen, viscose and silk.

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Yael started her business from home, but her designs soon became so successful that she decided to team up with a few other Israeli designers – including WhiteCityBoy’s favorite Tamar Primak – to open a pop up store in Tel Aviv’s posh and artistic neighborhood, Neve Tsedek.

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On April 2012 she opened her first own shop, selling only Andy Ve Eirn collections. “It was very spontaneous: a friend of mine heard abut an available store and I just suddenly decided to get it.” says the designer. I wasn’t surprised by her open-minded artistic approach: turns out, her star sign is Pisces, just as mine.

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Andy Ve Eirn designs are also available all around Israel, as Razili, the country’s famous fashion boutique chain is an official re-seller, and of course the items can be ordered from anywhere in the world – as Yael is running successful online stores. Her counter also can be found at Dress Code, Israel’s most prestigious fashion market.

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As an experiment, Yael started to sell a small range of home decoration items – so now pillowcases and knitted notebook covers are are also parts of her collections. And from time to time she comes up with a few items for guys as well – her cardigans are simply perfect for any season.



And now what you’ve all been waiting for: a special holiday giveaway from Yael Scharaby via WhiteCityBoy!

All you have to do is click, and like the photo of the scarf on my Facebook, share it on your wall, and write a few creative sentences about what you love about Andy Ve Eirn. The lucky winner will be selected and notified by the end of January. Good luck to you, and have yourself a very happy and stylish new year!

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