The Kitchen is Open – Meet the master chef of Jaffa’s flea market

For a foodie as myself there’s nothing like having an incredible chef’s restaurant right next door. Zach Melul – the culinary master and owner of Elemetary kitchen in Jaffa – studied in New York, worked in London with Gordon Ramsey, impressed the guests of the Ritz-Carlton in Herzlya – and now he is my new neighbor!



Mr Melul, the Israeli master chef recently opened a small restaurant just off the flea market in Jaffa, which quickly deserved the “new it place” status of the South. There are so many tourist traps around this area that it’s more than refreshing to find the real deal of the “Shuk HaPishpeshim“.


The Jerusalem Mamila Hotel’s former culinary adviser mainly uses local ingredients, yet the inspiration is absolutely cosmopolitan. This is not Israeli, American, or French kitchen – this is a globalist kitchen.


The surrounding is just as impressive as the food: enjoy the romantic atmosphere of the historical building, and adore the breathtaking design.


My recommendation is the the mojito salad, and basically any fresh salad with the chef’s signature pineapple salsa sauce. Try or one of the „up on request” vegan dishes, and enjoy a glass of hearty Israeli boutique wine with your meal.



After the dinner I had the chance to chat with Zach – who told me his essential philosophy. “At my place it’s not only about the food. It’s about the art of hosting. I’d like my guests to feel like they are entering my personal space, my living room.”


Therefore vegans, gluten sensitive guests, or hardcore dieters all can enjoy the culinary adventure – and they surely will. In Zach Melul’s place the guest’s satisfaction is elementary.



Address: Flea Market, Beit Eshel 7, Jaffa-Tel Aviv, Israel, Reservation: 03-549-9611 Instagram photos by me. Other photos are taken from the restaurant’s Facebook page. Professional photos by Yoval Yosef. Follow me on Facebook for daily updates! 

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