I Know What You’re Wearing Next Summer! – The Highlights of the Toni&Guy Fashion Week Budapest S/S14

Remember when a few months ago I introduced you to some of my favorite designers from Hungary? The time has come again when I turn my eyes upon my “homeland”. As this year we’ve been left without fashionweek in Tel Aviv, I’d like to compensate my readers with some eye candy from the Toni&Guy Fashionweek Budapest. Here’s your chance to get to know more about the 2014 collections of Hungary’s hottest designers. 

USE unused

Use’s Spring/Summer 2014 collection takes a look back at the summers of 1970s. The designers were inspired by the decade’s fine art, prominently by architecture and sculpture, yet the cuts and combinations of materials ensure that the collection remains state of the art. The clear-cut pieces look easy but constructed. The designers’ aim was to create wearable, everyday clothes for the summer.

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Following the brand’s traditions, masculinity and sportswear inspirations have an impact on the collection, represented by reinterpreted white shirts, a waistcoat that resembles a breast plate, bomber jackets and dresses looking like oversize baseball jerseys.

White dominates the collection, though enabling two other colors to bring in even more life, the subdued monochrome harmony of beige, gypsum gray and off-white pieces contrasts vivid, summery colors like lime, mint, alhambra green, tangerine and neon orange.

Je Suis Belle

The label’s 2014 spring-summer collection concept is taken from several parallel and intersecting notions. The New York based Hungarian photographer Márton Perlaki’s whose work consists of illusionary perspectives of ordinary life has collaborated with Dalma Devenyi and Tibor Kiss to create pieces that alter the boundary between casual and occasional aesthetics.

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The collection embodies several ideas, ‘joie de vivre (the joy of living) Italian fashion of the sixties, an optimistic world view, the experience of travels, calm carefree idleness, the heat of the Mediterranean, and the joy of sea and summer days. These elements appear in the contrasting use of material; from soft texture silk against crepe chiffon, crisp taffeta and weaved linen.

Je Suis Belle will always consider techniques and give contemporary frame to folk art as two of their main intellectual values.  Consistency and wear-ability is fundamental part of their philosophy and remains in this collection.


The inspiration for Nanushka‘s Spring/Summer ’14 collection comes from two contrasting sources; the material, and the spiritual worlds. This season the custom prints, embroidery, and selection of fabrics that characterize the brand have been infused with deep symbolism.

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In February 2013 designer Sandra Sandor came across Paul Jacoulet’s wood-cut etchings of the Micronesian peoples at an exhibition in Paris, The French painter, who had lived in Japan, had intimate knowledge of the neighboring islands. In his works he reproduced the tribal tattoos that often cover the entire body of the native Micronesians. The tattoo and ocelot prints seen throughout the new collection are inspired by their body art and tribal existence whilst the colour palette honors the sensual and mesmerizing atmosphere of Jacoulet’s works.

As in the past, this collection as well creates a seamless harmony between a selection of widely varying elements and interesting contrasts. The traditionally sporty cuts are balanced out by rich prints and strong motifs. Soft and lush materials sit next to high-tech coated fabrics, offering a range of styles that are feminine, fresh and mystical.

Dora Abodi

Dora Abodi‘s new collection is a dreamy journey with an extraordinary person, a fictive Louis XIV living in our days. The solitary and eccentric protagonist has a mysterious and attractive world, appearing in different parts of the world maybe even at the same time, enjoying special vehicles, marvelous clothes, the joy of discovery, music and dancing.

The vivid picturesque digital prints and patterns as well as the decorative embroideries with an own symbolism form a whimsical yet transparent system with the geometric and rich silhouettes.The designer introduced new developments in the accessory line too: the 3D star bag, clutches decorated with crystals and rustic metal neck-braces.

Dora Abodi has a strong vision in fashion, creating pieces with power and timeless elegance: storyteller collections with artistic concepts, in her signature futuristic baroque style. Her must-have embellished dresses, the own developed digital prints, the special embroideries and headings, the perfect cut, the hand-grafted details result sophisticated fashion and art objects, with a unique and well recognizable touch.

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Backstage photos by Balázs Glódi for Toni&Guy Fashionweek Budapest. Lookbook photos: from the official Facebook sites of the featuring designers. 

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