Thank God It’s Monday!

If I’d ever have to pick just one clothing label in the world I’d chose from, I’d pick Cheap Monday without any doubt. The trash-smash items are not just unique, but also very comfortable. No surprise I instantly I became addicted to the Israeli distributor Belle&Sue’s annual sample sale events…

Cheap Monday is a Swedish clothing label founded in 2000 by Örjan Andersson and Adam Friberg, originally as a second-hand clothing store, in a suburb of Stockholm. The name of the brand originates from the fact that the original store was only open on Sunday.

By now Cheap Monday clothes are distributed all over the world, and can be found in internationally famous stores as Urban Outfitters and Barneys New York. Take a look at a few of my favorite pieces of this years’s collection. This jacket and pants are my must-have items wherever I travel.

Fun fact: the brand’s in-famous logo, the laughing skull originally included an inverted crucifix, meant as an anti-Christian statement, citing the religion as the cause of many wars. By 2010 the logo was altered with the inverted crucifix replaced by a single vertical line.

For Spring 2014 Cheap Monday makes inflatable egos visible through exaggerated silhouettes and narcissistic graphics. The new collection presented and Belle&Sue’s is confident with an in-your-face aesthetic and kick-ass attitude, channeling bold artists from the 90’s.

Belle&Sue is not simply a wholesale store: the founders hosted the first fashion ecommerce site in Israel. For the founders – who also happen to be twin sisters – the project is simultaneously the realization of a childhood dream and a huge step forward for retail in Israel. As they say: “We created a site that makes shopping online easy, compelling, and a lot of fun.”

Thanks to them I’ve put my hands on this gorgeous jacket – seen on the runway and in my wardrobe, and this “unpretty” oversized baseball hat below. Their brand‘s selection also includes J Brand, Charlotte Ronson, Ivana Helsinki, IMPROVD, Cheap Monday, Thomas Paul, Resin, a large vintage selection including pieces by YSL and Christian Dior, and much more.

Did you miss this year’s Belle&Sue – Cheap Monday Sample Sale? It won’t happen again if you’re following me on Facebook

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