Abraham’s Boutique – If James Bond would come to Tel Aviv, he’d only shop here

Ever wanted a custom made jacket copied from your favorite James Bond movie? I know a place where you can make it happen! Bloggers and journalists visited Tel Aviv’s prestigious shopping hot spot, HaMedina square, entering the lifestyle and fashion world of Abraham Boutique, Men’s House of Fashion.

Tel Aviv’s famous Kikar Hamedina is the city’s largest plaza, known as the White City’s most exclusive shopping area. This is where Abraham’s Boutique and tailoring manufacture is located.

One of their flagships products is the brand FALKE – high quality stockings made in Germany. I also got a pair of them while I was visiting the store, chatting with Jonathan Betesh, the man behind the start up. Turns out: the beautiful store was originally a Gucci shop, before he turned into his own special world.

In addition to men’s luxury shoes and stockings, costumers can find custom hand-made suits and other accessories such as sunglasses, wallets, ties and belts made by the most luxurious brands in Europe. A super hot model guy helped us to understand: everything here does fit perfectly.

Abraham Boutique’s vision is to create a being of a European fashion aside Israel’s fashion industry. They only sell high quality products which fashionistas can find in every important shopping street in Europe. Warning! Don’t eat the buttons! Although I have to admit, I was tempted…

The über posh store is located in 26 Heh Be’iyar Street, Tel Aviv. Make an appointment here: +97236091740 / +97236470661, and spoil yourself with the real “James Bond” experience. Once you’re there you’ll quickly realize: you can’t leave without your very own piece by Jonathan Betesh. His collection includes stylish ties, unique cufflinks, smart bowties, and “to-die-for” scarves.

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