Asia in Israel – The best Vietnamese and Japanese bites in TLV

“So you never eat sushi?” – oh God, how many times I got this question when I explained someone I gave up on animal products. Some people think being vegan and dining out are like fire and water: they just simply cannot exist together. But thanks to amazing restaurants like Vong and ZeSushi, in Tel Aviv a vegan can eat inside out roll, Vietnamese steamed bun, and so much more…

VongAuthentic Vietnamese Kitchen

Address: 15 Rothschild St., Tel Aviv, Israel
Tel: 03 6337171

In Vietnamese “vong” means “within” – because within their food you can feel the love they share. The traditional, yet contemporary kitchen is authentic as a busy marketplace in Vietnam, and trendy as a high class restaurant.

Thanks to the Vietnamese culinary adviser Van Thi Thuy Vu every single dish is a new adventure. They use fresh ingredients, aromatic spices, and they pay special attention on the serving – everything comes in a hand made bowl, designed especially for the restaurant.

There’s nothing like watching the chefs in action, and the view is the best sitting by the bar. The steamed bun, packed with glazed tofu was the highlight of my dinner. So soft, tasteful, and so unique!

Vong is located on Tel Aviv’s most spectacular boulevard, so after dinner you can walk around, admiring the architecture of the White City – if you have the power to move from all the wonderful food you ate.

ZeSushiTraditional Japanese Kitchen

Address: Ashtorei Hapharchi Street 20 (Bazel square)
Tel: 1700-70-89-89

This tiny sushi bar at the city’s vivid meeting point is the finest restaurant of it’s kind.

Start with a crunchy, spicy cabbage salad to stretch your tummy – trust me, you’ll need it for the next dishes. As a vegan I suggest to trust the chefs: just tell the waitress you are “tivoni” (Hebre for vegan), and they’ll take perfect care of you.

Don’t miss out on the unfiltered saké, which is by itself a great reason to visit the restaurant! So thick and creamy, you almost don’t feel the alcohol… until it makes you tipsy.

Watch the sushi masters in action! Thanks to the open kitchen you can even learn the mechanics of making the perfect rolls… however becoming an expert takes more than one dinner.

What’s double chocolate cake in American kitchen, is a light, flavorful jasmine tea in the Japanese tradition. Finishing a meal with this you’ll instantly get rid of the heaviness, and will feel ready to take some extra sushi home for a bit of midnight snack…

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