The Kids Are All Right – TLV Leading the Gay Way to Family Equality

Did you know that there are over 18 000 gay and lesbian households in Israel and  over 3000 children are raised by two fathers or mothers? Tel Aviv is the second fastest growing region in the world, populated by gay families. Hundreds of workshops and conventions take place in the city, and dozens of professionals are specialized on the needs of LGBTQ families in Israel.

Photos by LJ Gunderson

One of these freedom fighters is Guy Tatsa, the man behind Israel’s leading surrogacy agency, BabyBloom. Guy and his partner Luci are together for over 19 years, so they knew they were ready to bring a baby into the picture. “Surrogacy is available in the country for heterosexuals only. But as the courts have recognized children born abroad by surrogacy we decided to go with it.”

After his daughter, Ella was born he decided to give hope to as many Israeli gay couples who wish to become parents as possible. He opened an agency, working together with surrogate mothers, egg donors based in Oregon, and their partner IVF clinic is the most successful one in the world.

“All the soon-to-be parents who we guided through the process got ‘pregnant’ for the first try. They can be part of every step of the way: meeting the surrogate mothers, they picking an egg donor, where every possible information – regarding fertility, looks, intelligence, genetics- is highlighted, and we help them with the administration process as well.”

Recently a local study examined the differences in children’s social and psychological state in alternative families. Children from single parents compared to kids from same sex two-parent families were actually facing more difficulties to fit in, than the kids of LGBT families. The gay parent’s sexual orientation didn’t have any effect on children’s adjustment.

Guy can’t agree more: “These kids are healthy, happy, communicative children… sometimes even too communicative.” – he jokes. “Every time Ella gets into the elevator in our house, meeting a stranger she says: ‘Hello, my name is Ella, this is daddy Guy, my other dad’s name is Luci, and we have a dog named Thomas. Who are you?”

And since last year, Ella had to learn to introduce two new members of their family: “aba” Guy and Luci are now the proud parents of two newborn baby boys, David and Eitan.

Becoming a Gay Dad – Free consultation with leading surrogacy experts in London

Guy Tatsa of Babybloom, Dr. John Hesla of Oregon Reproductive Medicine, and Sandy Hodgson and John Chally from Northwest Surrogacy Center LLC will be in London to meet intended parents and give you all the necessary information. Besides the presentation you can sign up for a private meeting. Visit the event link on Facebook, and to set one-one-one meetings in London or Tel Aviv mail me to My instagram: @kristofsteiner

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