WhiteCityBoy Garage Sale in Tel Aviv – Dig In, and Pay As Much As You Want

As a child I loved playing a shop owner – I often went out to the streets to sell cookies for fun. Later on living in London pop-up sales and jumble fairs became regular in our house, and the time has come when I bring idea of concept store in Tel Aviv. The “pay as much as you want” moving sale by WhiteCityBoy blog is ON for the full week!

Take a look at our home at Gruzenberg 35, the heart of Tel Aviv. This is where we lived for three years, and this is the memory what we are taking with us. Below a photo of our life packed up… and there is so much we decided not to take with us to our new home.

This is why I decided to throw a garage sale event, where anyone can check out our hundreds of English language books, dozens of vinyl records, shirts, hoodies, cardigans and t-shirts for guys, and an impressive collection of shoes in size 42.

We leave behind lots of home decoration accessories as well – these gorgeous prints from the 60’s were decorating our walls for a while. The only thing on the photo which is not for sale, is our doggy, Chopa.

…and our superstar dog, Özge, the celebrity. Otherwise even the furniture is up for grabs! Double and single mattress, large cabinet for clothes, several decor pillows. Even the hangers are here to take!

We are getting rid of some barely used shoes as well – as we bought them before we became vegans. By now we are not wearing leather shoes, so these Adidas, Lacoste, and Puma shoes are looking for new owners.

Our ex-home as a Vintage shop – many of our friends came to visit us, and went home with bags filled with treasures.

As a passionate vegan chef I have a nice collection of kitchen stuff, but I just can’t take everything – that’s why these plates and cookie boxes must go. Most of them are a bit chipped, but that doesn’t stop them from being gorgeously cute.

Wearing a chandelier… if Lady GaGa can get away with stuff like this, I can as well wear it as a party outfit! If you don’t come and take it from me – never used IKEA stuff from the past century.

Moving on in life is important, and as the wise monkey says in The Lion King: “Change is Good”. I changed homes so many times, and this time it’s not only a house – it was our first grown up home with my husband. Make it easier for us to leave it behind, and make sure these cool stuff won’t get thrown on the street!

The building is going through a renovation soon, and what we don’t take will end up under the ruins of the house. If you are interested in looking around only this week, drop me a text, and we’ll make an appointment for you. No price tags – you throw in the money jar as much as you like, we don’t even look. See you around – face to face, and on Insta!

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