Queer and Famous – LGBTQ Idols in Israel

There is no doubt about it that Tel Aviv is the gay capital of the Middle East, and as such, it has it’s own GLBT icons. These guys and girls brought us to present day’s liberal, fun and free Israel. They‘re gay and here to stay! 

Dana International

Eurovision-phenomenon and Transgender Icon

The ultimate Israeli diva brings tears in our eyes every time she goes on stage: we are proud of her strength, beauty, and talent, and most importantly we are grateful for her.

She had a huge part in turning Tel Aviv into this cultural (and sexual) melting pot which it is today. Ever since she won 1998’s Eurovision Song Contest with her classic hit, Diva, she never stopped influencing the scene.

Today she is one of the judges of the Israeli Pop Idol, Cochav Nolad and she helps other young talents to find their way – sometimes with the most sarcastic comments – as she continues to glam up Israel.

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Ivri Lider

Singer, Musician and (really hot) LGBTQ idol

Imagine a hot guy on a big stage, singing Katy Perry’s I Kissed a Girl… while every single person in the crowd knows, that he is actually gay. A perfect fusion of art, and teasing!

Ivri Lider is one of the major figures of Israel’s music industry, and a fantasy for two decades of gay boys and straight girls across the country. His coming out was the headline story for weeks, but he never became a tabloid idol of gossip magazines.

As he said: „I felt coming out was kind of my obligation. When you’re an artist and you’re doing well and you’re successful, you get a lot of love and appreciation and energy and good things from people, and I think you need to give it back. Maybe I can influence people and help younger people that struggle.“

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Korin Alal

80’s Survivor and Mother of 2 

Korin is a real survivor: since her first hit from the late eighties, trough recovering from a major hand injury and getting back into playing music, until now days as she’s producing sounds for young musicians.

Trough her carrier she re-invented herself in every possible way: anyone who thinks there is no chance of staying friends with your ex, take a look at this incredible woman!

Not only that she lives with her current girlfriend practically next door to her previous one, but they raise their two children – each with a different lady – in a perfect harmony in their little village. That’s what we call spirit… and love!

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Gal Uchovsky

Media mogul and Freedom Fighter

The ancient Greeks had a word for people who were pros in everything they did: they were the polihistors. Gal Uchovski could easily write this status on his business card.

He studied photography, was a regular writer for Israel’s biggest papers and magazines and even wrote a soundtrack for a movie. In the end he found his faith in the film industry and after writing scripts for the teen telly series, Florentine he pulled out the big guns.

He wrote history as the co-producer of the international blockbuster, Bubble, a story of an Arab and a Jewish soldier in love, and of a society of fake ideas and real issues to be solved…

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Hard Rocker and Electro DeeJay

If you say avant-garde rock, we say Pollyana Frank: Ellyot was a member of the coolest band of the 80’s fever in Israel. And although she moved to Holand to write and record her next album, her coming out made waves in her home country as well.

She was the first ever musician in the history of Israel who talked openly about her sexual orientation. Moving to London brought her such amazing opportunities such as working with rock legend Marianne Faithful.

But no matter as far from Israel she was, she was never forgotten: when she returned to Tel Aviv ten years ago, she became one of the hottest deejays in town.

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Photos: Google Image Search. I don’t own the rights of these photographs. Edited version published in TimeOut Israel. 

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