Shhhh! It’s Our Secret!

Last week I got a very special invitation. The tittle says it all: Secret Dressing. I had no idea what to expect when I arrived to the posh venue on Rotschield boulevard…

Soon enough I realized: I’m one of the lucky guests who got a chance to be the first to check out the city’s hottest pop-up store, filled with beauty and style.

The selection was marvelous: vintage Thierry Mugler dresses, jewelry creations by contemporary designers,  and my favorites: the “kitty collection” of lipsticks by Paul&Joe cosmetics.

Founder of Secret Dressing, Alexandra Poya is bringing a brand new concept to Israel: designer clothes imported from Italy and France – Thierry Mugler,Valentino, Dolce&Gabbana – sold for a bargain, oftentimes 70% off.

The trendy Rothschild 69 event hall hosted a photo exhibition in paralel the fashion sale. Fusing fashion with art was a great idea – check out the displayed photos here.

Chatting with Alexandra was a real pleasure. She says she thinks about bringing her events to Tel Aviv as sort of a fashion education. Secret Dressing hosts pop-up sales both in the White City, and the Holy City, Jerusalem.

If you missed the event, there’s no need to panic: Secret Dressing’s winter sample sale is coming up in the beginning of October. The location? Well, for now it’s a secret. But you’ll find out just in time over here.

More fashion sales, and even more fun stuff from Tel Aviv through the eyes of the Proud Hippie Boy on Insta. 

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