“Shpagat Shalom! – Pop Up Store in Dizengoff Center hosted the hottest Israeli menswear designers

Living in Tel Aviv equals knowing, that every party starts with a few drinks at Shpagat. The young yet already Iconic gay hangout is not only a bar, but a busy cultural hot-spot, hosting movie events, dance theater acts, live talk shows with influential artists, and groundbreaking street parties.

And there’s the Shpagat Store, a fashion sale of Israeli menswear designers, presenting their goods in the bar. But this time the event grew into a bash at Dizengoff Center, the bauhaus shopping mall in the heart of the city. Here’s a selection of my favorite participators… 

Matan Elyakim is a fashion designer based in Tel Aviv, Israel. After having completed degree in Fashion at the prestigious Shenkar Institute, he worked with Israeli fashion brands Castro and A+ until deciding to begin his own brand in 2010.

Based on and inspired by Tel Aviv culture, the brand emphasizes a clean aesthetic and honest materials. Known for its commitment to high-quality and minimalist design, the items have unmistakable boldness and a fineness.

I instantly fell in love with these simple yet oh-so-cool shorts by Jonathan Meisler. The young stylist decided to create his own line because he just didn’t find the ultimate summer pants.

Adam Gefen is a menswear brand designing architectural-inspired, colorful and casual garments for the new urban male. Born in Tel-Aviv, and from an early age found interest in crafting garments for himself.

He later went on to study Fashion Design at the Bezalel Academy for Art and Design where he completed his design education. After working in several fashion houses in Europe and the US Adam opened his eponymous brand with his debut collection in 2012.

The guys who created these unique baseball hats are Rene Gliksman and Omer Tuboul, founders of Gold & Black Jewellery.

What makes their stuff truly special is the material they are using: beleive it or not, this is all made out of silicon.

My next favorite, Eliran Nargassi grew up in Jerusalem as the middle son of a religious family, and as he was growing up, he diced to leave the kippa behind. “The move from religion to secularity has been a major influence on me: the combination between these worlds fascinated me.” – he says.

Gal Barash is an emerging and independent jewelry design studio based out of Tel Aviv, Israel. A fashion enthusiast, Gal combines his passion for exquisiteness with his go-green philosophy to offer an eclectic collection of jewelry design.

Nuts and bolts, springs and cogs, computer chips and record albums to cashiers, cameras and car parts, watch how one person’s afterthought transforms into another man’s treasure.

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Who is your favorite designer at Shpagat Store?

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