All Eyes On Holon

The summer is slowly coming to an end, and this doesn’t only mean “SALE” signs in every shop window, it also says: time to check out the most exciting season opening exhibits. In Tel Aviv’s little sister town, Holon, the galleries are hosting huge variety of fashion exhibits, alongside the programs held at the famous Design Museum

First of all, no matter how arty you are, remember not to miss the awesome gala opening on Tuesday, September 3 at 9 pm at Hachava Gallery, where the electronic duo “The Hybrid Lavas” will elevate your mood. The group is comprised of producer, creator and fashionista Nimrod Peled and musician Uri Tzidon are better known by their alter egos, Hybrid Lava and Rico Montana.

And now let’s see the not-to-be-missed exhibits… 

“Beit Meirov” Mishkan Gallery – Solo exhibit by photographer Yaniv Edry

Yaniv Edri paved the way for a new generation of fashion photographers through his photographic method and in his relationship with the object, the environment, and the dynamics of photography itself.

He has also photographed for renowned magazines such as Vogue UK and Tetu, and he has won Israel’s Photographer of the Year awards at the Israel Fashion Awards ceremonies.

Hankin Gallery – “Jewelry in Effect” exhibition by Yael Friedman

Yael Friedman will present a wide variety of jewelry, made of plastic and metal, that doubles as a game. For instance, on display will be puzzle rings that can be taken apart or pieces that can be assembled to form a piece of jewelry.

Friedman obtained a Bachelor’s degree in metal crafting from Bezalel and studied for a Master’s degree in industrial design. She uses traditional techniques to create jewelry that is meant not just to be looked at, but also to be played with and touched.

Vitrina Gallery – “From Sketch to Shoe”, shoe design exhibit

The shoe is more than just a useful clothing accessory. Over the years, it has become a desirable fashionable object that motivates top designers from all over the world to create the newest, most original and most innovative designs each season.

One of the local brands that was among the first to gain public awareness of local design, and even be exported successfully, is “CoupleOf”, which created a special line that is renewed each year and successfully bridges the utilitarian, the fashionable and the artistic.

Outdoor exhibition by photographer Ron Kedmi – DUNE 13

Ron Kedmi will exhibit a series of photographs called Dune 13 at the outdoor gallery on Dov Hoz Blvd. The exhibit draws its inspiration from the science fiction book “Dune” by Frank Herbert. The collection draws much inspiration from Arab culture, Sufism and Jewish mysticism.

The artist began working as a fashion photographer in the early 1990s, when Israel was opening up to a new visual expanse. He won the Israeli Oscar award for fashion photography, distributed by the Israeli fashion industry, several years in a row.

Contacts: Hankin Gallery – 109 Hankin Street, Holon. Tel.: 03-5590021, “Beit Meirov” Mishkan Gallery – 31 Hartzeld Street, Holon. Tel. 03-6516851, Dov Hoz Blvd. which stretches from the Ayalon freeway to Struma Square, Holon, “Vitrina” Gallery, Holon Institute of Technology, 63 Eliezer Hoofien Street, Holon, Hachava Gallery – HaNechoshet Street at the corner of HaMelacha Street, Holon Industrial Zone. Tel.: 03-5596590


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