Doggie Style – From Tinkerbell Hilton to Nature Boy

Meet Özge, my Chinese Crested Dog, who’s been my loyal friend for over 8 years now. Exchanging the celebrity lifestyle to becoming just “one of the dogs” in Tel Aviv didn’t really work out for him: wherever he goes people raise eyebrows…

…and everyone want’s to know, what he is wearing. A brief style evolution of my dog… from Tinkerbell Hilton to Nature Boy.

Özge started off as a TV star: wherever I went he was on my side. This is a snapshot of our Music TV talk show. I did the talking. He was mainly sleeping.

Think pink! Magazine photo shoot around 2004.

Özge knows that diamonds are the dog’s best friend.

Fake is the new real – HOT! magazine photo shoot, 2005

“You change your mind like a girl changes clothes…”

The tough life of a celeb dog. As he can’t write, he just licks the papers people give him to sign.

The year of 2008, when Özge’s life changed once and for all: he moved to Tel Aviv, and started to study at the Kabbalah Centre.

He realized he needs to use fame to do good: “Don’t Turn Away” was Hungary’s first anti bullying campaign.

Featuring Bravo magazine in the piece called “Tsunami of Cuteness”.

Back in the telly, this time with less fuss.

Wearing his favorite sweater, designed by Koti Dog Fashion.

A real desert rose…

He’s sexy and he knows it…

Özge is a dedicated vegetarian, just like his masters. Photo shoot featured in a Hungarian glossy magazine.

“Does this make me look fat?”

BFFs 4ever!

Want to know more about Özge? Follow me on Insta for daily style, art, party news updates from Tel Aviv.

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