Fashion, Food & Fun – Meet the Dreed*Tea Team, “Powerpuff Girls” of TLV’s fashion scene

By now you probably got used to our monthly flash sale collaboration with the Dreed*Tea team. Surprise: we decided to match names and faces: I met the founders of the unique web magazine at Shenkin street’s lovely cooking school, Mitbachi to create some vegan treats and chat about the big (white) city life, fashion, and food.

3 ladies from different countries, sharing the same obsession: fashion. Daina and Michell instantly connected while traveling in India 10 years ago, based on mutual love of fashion and dreadlocks. Years later they decided to embark on yet another fun journey that is Dreed*Tea, minus the dreadlocks. Sonya joined their forces after searching the web for Israeli fashion blogs. Soon she became a partner in business, and a friend in life. As they say: “we could not do it without any one of us.”

There are so many fashion blogs out there now days, tell me what makes Dreed*Tea different from all the others?

We are a blog and a magazine and a flash sales site. We curate for the new generation of fashion lovers who abide by their own rules – we bring our readers something unique, by uniting the exciting, new and independent Israeli and International talent with the greater global fashion scene. We also cover (and in certain cases organize) Fashion Events, Sales, and everything in between. As our tagline says – Stand out. Be unique. Be yourself. Be updated!

How do you pick which designers to work with?

We go to many events and fashion markets, which are quite popular in Israel, and walk around and see who we like. We visit stores, it becomes a fun expedition to see what new designer we might unearth, and we get to shop too, mixing business and pleasure baby! We also get contacted by designers and PR firms daily. In the end we go with our gut, what we all like (we all have very different styles): it has to be good quality, interesting, different from what is already out there.

You are hosting charity events and posts from time to time. Is social responsibility something that is part of your mission?

Well… We think that social responsibility is important, but it’s something that has naturally taken shape with us, it was never officially discussed before. As we grow it will develop into an official part of our core, since there are so many worthy causes that are close to our hearts, like the cancer event we helped to organize.

What was the greatest feedback you ever got about your site?

That we have a voice and our own fingerprint. Also, tho not feedback, we giggle and pat ourselves on the back every time we get an email from a fashionista, or stylist, or industry people wanting to work for us. We always try to make a relationship (working or otherwise) happen.

Who are your favorite Tel Avivian and Israeli designers and why?

We are obsessed with Tamar Primark because she infuses middle east heritage into her work, the quality and details are impeccable – they are classic investment pieces that never go out of style.

We love Medusa bags – they are durable and make such a statement- the compliments just don’t ever quit when we carry them. 

Off the top of our heads, some new talent on the scene we will have our eye on is Shani Lax for shoes, Complet and Tesler+Mendelovich for bags, Yael Keila Sagi for jewelry. There are many other favs but the list is too long to put here- best to subscribe to Dreed*Tea digest for updates.

If you’d have the chance to work with any international designer, who would you chose?

Oh, so many! We like Free People, Madewell, Roomeur just to name a few….But (spearheaded by Sonya) the one we would start with would be Diane Von Furstenberg. She is not new or indie but if a chance to work with her in any capacity came up we would snatch it up. Her designs are amazing and fun, she has reinvented herself and her brand many times over, she is a force to be reckoned with in the fashion industry, she is a powerful women’s advocate, a wife, mother, grandmother, an artist, and businesswoman.

You are collaborating with many bloggers from all over the world, presenting the blogs you love. Tell me a bit about this project.

We have developed relationships with many bloggers, officially and also on a personal level. We strive to be the place where bloggers and designers come together, and a relationship can be forged. A great example of this are our blogger campaigns: where we bring together a brand and blogger (or a few) and the results are a fantastic and unconventional promotion for everyone involved. Such as the campaign we did for Roni Kantor as well as forging the relationship between Medusa and Morgan of The Leopard Legs blog.

Where do you see yourselves in 5 years? 

Dreed*Tea will be a major force in Israeli and International fashion scene. We will continue to dramatically expand/grow as a platform for designers to reach the world-wide fashion market place, in a non-traditional way. Specifically in Israel we hope to open doors for non-traditional promotion, and bring bloggers together to serve as a gateway for a designer/brand to get their message out to their audience. Our idols are Refinery29 so in one word – we hope to follow in their footsteps but with our own D*T twist.

Meet The Girls!

Michell Halpern

“I am 4th generation Tel Avivian! I’m Virgo, love to travel and have done so extensively. A great journey in India was in order after I was discharged, which is precisely when I met Daina (AKA ‘Dreed’). After my trip, I settled back home and enrolled to Tel Aviv University where I studied Art History and East Asian Studies. I was greatly inspired by my trip to India and I also studied and can speak a bit of Hindi! Photography  have always weaved through my life at every stage. Now, of course, the photography skills I learned are essential to D*T, as I am the in house photographer.”

Daina Reed

“Capricorn on the cusp of Sagittarius – so I relate to both signs, Capricorn being the grounded career driven type and Sagittarius being the adventurous fun seeker- and I feel the two signs at war within me. I was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan and moved to Florida right after High School, and took up web design. I skipped college in exchange for learning on the job and backpacked around the world, which sparked my interest in living abroad and led me to settle in Israel. My interests aside from fashion and web design are yoga (I studied in an Ashram in India to be a yoga teacher), and alternative health.”

Sonya Golod

“I was born in Ukraine, immigrated to the US in my early teens, and moved to Israel 3 and half years ago. I got degrees (bachelors and masters) in business and this was what I did for a living. My passion has always been in the arts, but did not know how to make that happen. I took the move to Israel as an opportunity to start off fresh and try to get into the fashion field here. Now my years of experience are really coming handy since my major responsibility at D*T is Marketing. One lesson learned: never discount ANY experience that you have had in your life! Oh, and I am Pisces but I don’t really believe in this stuff.”

Read the Dreed*Tea Team’s interview with me, and check out all my recipes for the delish food we made together: vegan sashimi, green salad with figs and tofu, aubergine curry, and chocolate-cherry cupcakes. 

Photos by Michelle. Outfits: Sonya’s dress – The Hellers, Daina’s dress – Roni Kantor, Michell’s top – The Hellers, skirt: Roni Kantor. My pants and shirt: Roni BarFollow my Insta stories for daily updates! Subscribe to my vegan lunch box – always surprising, always satisfying. More info: 

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