Mazal Tofu! – Your ultimate guide to vegan Tel Aviv

Being vegan in Tel Aviv is almost as obvious as being gay. Or Jewish. Or having a tattoo. Therefore we’re actually staring to have more vegan-friendly restaurants than synagogues. In this post I’m sharing with you my personal favorites. 

For breakfast: vegan omlet at Mezze

Mezze is a lovely little café on the corner of Balfour street, and athough it’s not exclusively vegan it offers a to-die-for all vegan breakfast.

Their “omlet” is made of tofu, chickpea flour, fresh herbs, and it comes with fresh whole grain bread, cream “cheese” made of ground nuts, and my favorite: the beetroot-sesame cream spread.

Pick a hot and a cold drink with your all-inclusive breakfast: the soy cappuccino is just perfect, and the home made herbal ice tea is probably the best one of it’s kind.

Address: 51 Ehad haam st., Tel Aviv, Israel. Tel: 972-03-6299753 Don’t forget to like their Facebook page.

For lunch: Friday brunch at Buddha Burger

Legendary Buddha Burgers were the first vegan restaurants in Israel, and by now they have restaurants in four locations, including Haifa.

These guys have just about everything on the menu what you can feel irresistable cravings for: goulash, lassagna, tacos, shniztlel, smoothies, and of course burgers of many kind. Tough choice, huh?

That’s why the happiest day is Friday, when the flagship restaurant on Herzl street holds an all day buffet brunch, offering you to try almost everything from the menu.

Address: Yehuda HaLevy 21, Tel Aviv.  Tel: 03-5101222 / 333 Full English menu on their website.

For dinner: Middle-Eastern delights az Zakaim

Just off Allenby, taking the abandoned place of Tel Aviv’s once celebrated lesbian bar called Minerva, Zakaim is with no doubt the Queen of vegan restaurants in Israel. You got to start with an almond-arak cocktail!

While you’re sipping the liquid heaven, the open kitchen gives you the opportunity to see how the professional and friendly chefs burning the hell out of the tomatoes and eggplants for their signature tomato soup, or their famous eggplant dish – which comes with a chunk of sweet chala bread.

Surprisingly the most incredible dish is the most simple one: the fried potatoes. They are so crispy, so heart and tummy warming, that they’ll take you back in time and space to the home of your Israeli grandmother (I sadly never had).

Address: Simtat Beit HaSho’eva 20 (Alenby 98) Tel Aviv, Israel Tel: 03-613-5060 Check out Zakaim’s Facebook page.

For late night snack: Dubble “cheese” burger at the Vegan Shawarma

Cheap and delish eat on King George, just by Dizengoff Center, offering Israel’s signature dish, shawarma (or gyros for the Greeks) in a vegan version.

Just as the original version, this one comes wrapped up in a pita or wholegrain tortilla, loads of fresh veggies, hummus, tahini, and amba – which is Middle-East’s answer to mango chutney. The guys also offer super satisfying burgers – my favorite one is the double cheeseburger, made with lentils, fried mushrooms, and melting veggie cheese.

As the place is open untill pretty late, it’s always the best option to cure your developing hangover after a hardcore party in Tel Aviv.

Address: King george 81, 64337 Tel Aviv, Israel, 1-700-700-358 Check out their lovely food at the Facebook page.

Photo credits: Mezze – official Facebook / self-made, Buddha Burger – official Facebook,  Zakaim: Ofir Yaakobi from the official Facebook page / self-made, Vegan Shawarma – official Facebook

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