Vintage is sexy! – TLV as you never knew it

In Tel Aviv going to the post office can be an educational and artistic experience: HaShalom tower‘s lobby hosts and exhibition, uncovering the story of the White City. Check out the fun and fashion on these vintage photos from the “good ol’ times”.

The Shalom Mayer Tower (where apparently my local post office is) sticks out of ground at the historic center of little Tel Aviv, surrounded by the cafés of Rotschield boulevard. The tower is not simply an office building, but also a visitor’s center.

The lobby exhibition is a great (and free) way to learn about the cultural development of the first Hebrew city, and explore the fashion.  The vintage photos are taken by a mysterious Mr. Korbman.

Korbman was born in Minsk in 1887, and immigrated to Israel at the end of World War I. He was an amateur photographer, and left behind an impressive  collection of photos that were discovered after his death.

His unique photos takes us to each and every corner of the city – among its ordinary people, its beach boys and beach girls, athletes, craftsmen, salesmen, families, and artists. Now all these people are pieces of fashion and social history.

The permanent exhibition is not the only reason the visit the tower:  they also offer guided tours in Tel Aviv. For more details contact: 03-5100337 Address: 9 Ehad Haam St., Tel Aviv Opening hours: Sun-Thu, 8AM-7PM, Fri, Holidays, 8AM-2PM

Exhibit courtesy of Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv. Exhibit Curator: Batya Carmiel Follow me on Facebook for daily updates!

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