Princess and Prince of Hungarian Fashion – Meet the designers of my Bravo Otto outfits

I left Tel Aviv for a few days to host a music award show, Bravo Otto in Budapest. And what I came back with is a fabulous printed bomber jacked by Kata Szegedi. And let us not forget about the beautiful space shirt I was wearing on stage – a “love at first sight” item by Daniel Benus.

Last week I promised to take you on another round on the Hungarian fashion roller coaster. These talented, young, and already much accomplished designers are not only sharing a career, but they are also great friends. Here’s the most important stuff you got to learn about these guys. Ps: I’ll also show you how my outfits made it on stage… and off stage.

My printed bomber jacket…

…which looked like this off stage… (After a night of celebration and some cocktails… well, mainly vodka, to be honest.)

…is a creation of Kata Szegedi

Kata is one of the emerging young designers in Hungary who came to spotlight before she graduated in 2009 at KREA Contemporary Arts Institute Budapest. That year she became the top young fashion designer at the Fashion Awards Hungary. 

Her vision contains innnovative, modern design for a cosmoplitan woman and man who is self-assured, independent, and proud of her / his individual image; someone, who values the expression of originality in day-to-day life.

The love for contrasts is reflected throughout every of her work, experiments a lot with silhouettes, shapes, textures and colors. This playful attitude presents the ladylike ‘power-woman’ of the 21th century.

If you fell in love with her world, follow KataSzegedi on her Facebook page.

Official photos: #1 Krisztán Éder, makeup: Natasa Kovalik, hair: Márk (Hairclub), models: Gréta @ Icon , Juli @ Attractive #2 Mark Viszlay Photography, make up and hair: Kunkuma Drucker, photo assistant: Istvan Varfi Photography, model: Alisa @ attractive models

My silver space shirt…

…which looked like this off stage… (At my dressing room. I know it’s uncool to take photos through the mirror, sorry, I just HAD to.)

…is a creation of Daniel Benus


Daniel was only 14 when he moved to the capital, Budapest, where he majored in textile at the High School of Fine and Applied Arts. He continued his studies at the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design.

He launched his first men’s collection in 2010. A year later, he became the “Young Designer of the Year” at the Fashion Awards Hungary. Every collection of his is based on classical tailoring with a twist and  innovative shapes and textures.

Sometimes boyish, sometimes strict, but always harmonious and suitable for various occasions. Daniel is mostly inspired by sportswear and films from the 60s and 70s. His vision is progressive, eclectic and strong, appropriate for those who are brave enough to be themselves.

Here’s Dani’s official Facebook page for even more eye candy.

Official photos: #1 Krisztián Éder, hair: Koczka, make up: Richard Fazekas, shirt and pants: Daniel Benus @#2 photo by Balint Barna, styling by Andrea Gonczy, hair by Reni Kadar @ SACO using Kevin Murphy, makeup by Kata Kertesz using MAC, model: Zoltan Iklodi at Art Models, published here.

Styling at the Bravo Otto Awards by Anett Kis. On stage photos by Krisztina Kiss / Bravo Hungary. Off stage photo #1 by Zsuzsanna Kiss. Follow me on Facebook for daily style updates.

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