Proud Partymonsters – TLV Pride, 2013

The teenage years are over: this year Tel Aviv Pride Parade turned 20 years old. Read my coverage on the parties, fun, and fashion, and check out the hottest pics of the PrideWeek circling on the web. 

In 1993 Tel Aviv’s Sheinkin garden went down in history: a gigantic closet was built on the scene and the participants of the first LGBT event of Israel stepped out of it. Two decades later the world famous pride parade is a full production of the Municipality, and tens of thousands of visitors attend year by year.

The Pride Week started with Jonathan Vanunu’s 90210 inspired party for the 90’S lovers. DJs Idan Gavrielle and Keren Dotan were in charge of the music with the best hits from the decade when shoulder pads were cooler than life.

One night before Gay Pride Parade, the legendary FFF party‘s crew invited all of us to an opening cocktail at Tel Aivv’s old town hall. The historic building – now a museum – is holding an exhibition, presenting the past two decades of the city’s gay nightlife.

Tomas’s Beef parties are the home of all the hot bears of the city. The event hosted guests from the international La Demanche Cruise, giving the chance to meet beefy boys from all across the Universe.

Meir Park, home of the gay center in Tel Aviv, gathered the marchers of this year’s official parade with pumping music, hilarious drag shows and inspiring speeches by political figures, civil rights activists, and local artists.

The parade walked along Bugrashov Street, turning north on Ben Yehuda Street, west on Arlozorov Street and south towards Gordon Beach – where a fancy beach party is held till sunset. If you are planning to come next year, don’t forget glitter and sunscreen!

The classic T-Dance party is is where all those wonderful clichés you saw in gay movies about go-go dancing guys cages come alive. The rave party hosted Israel’s international star DJ, Offer Nissim.

Eager to see more than just the White City, or you just simply want to know how are the Israeli boys outside Tel Aviv? Join a day trip with the Gay Bus to the one world’s most spectacular locations, the Dead Sea, or visit the holy city of Jerusalem.  Jerusalem: 300 ₪, Dead Sea, 400 ₪, For specific dates and schedule call 0732271499

Photo credits: 1 – Zviagreen, 2- Dfmarin, 3 – TheBlackoutBlog, 4 – GalEfraty, 5-6 – ChadKaydo, 7 – TravelsOfAdam, 9-10 – AndreiHarmsworth, 11 – Lio_Israel, 12 – Thatayla, 13 – Rhapsda, 14 – AndreaiHarmsworth, 15 – TravelsOfAdam, 16 – Erez Bialer, 17 – Keren_Dotan

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