The many mysterious artists of Nachalat Binyamin

At the famous Nachalat Binyamin craft fair time has stopped: many designers and artists don’t want their goods to be photographed, some don’t have a website. If you fell in love with some of the pieces of art, you’d better walk down on the street on Fridays or Tuesdays, and pick it up yourself.

The oldest and biggest craft market of the White City has so much to offer: live music, busy cafés, delicious street food, and most importantly dozens of counters selling hand made crafts from jewelry to home decor, and more. Here are my personal favorites…

Sasha’s lace collars

This charming Russian girl is one of those, who doesn’t advertise her goods – but she can be found on the market,  just next to the musicians. Some of the bigger collars can take up to 8 ours to croach, but Sasha says, she never gets bored of making them. Aren’t they adorable?

Maya Shikma’s crystal jewelry  

I see Maya quite often on the streets of Tel Aviv, and I always said to myself: “Oh, here is the Israeli Vivienne Westwood.” Her flaming red hair and her incredible jewelry made her famous, yet she prefered to hide behind her magic mirror while I took a photo of her stand. Check out her Etsy store, and like her on Facebook.

Daria’s handpainted silk scarfs

Look at this dash of colors! The white silk is arriving from China and Daria personally handpaints them. decorates them localy. The magical fabric is used for making scarfs, bags, even umbrellas. For more photos visit her Facebook site.

Natasha Laria’s hand crafted jewelry

When I noticed this necklace with the cat family, I instantly knew I have to show Natasha’s art. Check out her Etsy store , and the beautiful pics of her jewelry, photographed on the beach of Tel Aviv. Follow her on Instagram as well!

Gilat’s fabric jewelry

This handsome guy is selling his goods close to the entrance of the market, next to Allenby street. He never actually studied design, yet his crafts are absoultely perfect. He uses cuts of lovely fabrics framed inside a little pedant, this makes each piece unique. Check out his Facebook site to see more.

Yaron’s handpainted glass jewelry

“Nagyon szép!” (Very beautiful!) said Yaron when I told him I’m from Hungary: as it turned out, his parents are also Hungarians. He is painting and crafting these accessories for over 13 years now, and believe it or not, he never had a website of any kind. Some may say that an artist must have online appearance these days, but I think this actually makes his craft even more special.

Anton’s wire portraits

Anton’s portraits are one of my favorites from the selection of the street, we even decided he is going to make a wire-portrait for me… of Madonna. He also does “real people”: drop your photo for him to, and he’ll be ready with your personal portrait in a week. Check out his website to get to know more about him.

I finished my walk with a “Duruz pita”, which is probably the tastiest thing in the whole entire world. Try it it if you happen to be around. Get back to me next week, and follow my Facebook site for daily updates.

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