God Can Dance! – Tel Aviv’s old city hall hosts gay party producer, Shimon Shirazi

As Tel Aviv Gay Pride 2013 is coming up soon, this week I’ll take you all to a glittery fantasy world, created by gay party organizer Shimon Shirazi – all this in the White City’s old town hall, now Beit Ha’ir Museum.

The extraordinary exhibition reveals the past 20 years of the gay life in Tel Aviv, trough films, displays, fashion garments and a unique visual language. For Shirazi, the museum space serves as a human laboratory, where he creates an utopic world made of fantasies.

Shimon Shirazi is the owner of the successful line FFF for over two decades. He is responsible for the famous Jewish holiday after-parties, combined with strong visual concepts, spiced up with well-known DJ’s from Israel and all over the world.

In the 90’s, when the homosexual culture and parties still took place in dark basements, Shirazi was the pioneer who expanded these events to a wider public. His re-invented reality is theatrical, grotesque, and sexy.

The exhibition shows installations from Shirazi’s collaborations throughout the years with many leading artists, designers, fashion figures and musicians. A large part of these celebrities were actually discovered at the FFF parties – including the Isreli Eurovision phenomenon, Dana International.

The exhibition is on since January, but the party is just getting started: Shirazi is throwing a Pride Weekend Cocktail Party, hosting mayor of Tel Aviv. Expect great music, cool drinks, incredible art, and lots of fun! Save the date: 6th of June, 2013!

Exhibition address: Beit Ha’ir, 27 Bialik St.Tel Aviv Museum website: blog.beithair.org Shirazi’s FFF party’s website: www.fffgroup.co.il Shirazi’s Facebook: www.facebook.com/fffgroup.telaviv Photo credits: 1 – Shamya Levi, 2 – David Lachapelle, 3 – Gilad Goldstein, Instagram photos of the exhibition by me

Farewell from the rooftop terrace of the museum! See you next week, meanwhile follow me on Facebook for daily updates!

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