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Let’s celebrate! The blog is half a year old, and where can we party better than at 2013’s first Dress Code fashion market? If you missed my previous review on the event, check it out here, and if you are ready for a brand new adventure, keep on reading and meet my personal favorite participators. 

Estella – Handmade Bags

Orly Ashkenazi’s vegan handbags are just so much fun to look at! The designer – who studied as an architect – used her architectural knowledge of structure and space, and her fashion sense to design models that are clean-cut and minimalist. “I created Estella for women like me, who don’t want to compromise their fashion sense with the practical needs of everyday life.” says Orly. Join her on Facebook, and look around at her online store as well.

Eva Mendelbaum Fashion House

I instantly spotted this stand, and not only because of the cake! The label’s message is to combine art and soul in fashion. The visual artists behind the brand are Noam Zucker and Michael Sperer, and they established Eva Mendelbaum in 2009. Every item is designed and made in Israel, but they all have some kind of a “European” touch. Want to know more? Check them out on Facebook, and drop by at the Etsy store as well. 

Pioo Pioo and Ugly Duckling 

Pioo Pioo by Mor Bauer and Ugly Duckling Gal Angel joined their forces to create an island of fun and beauty. Both designers presented their latest collections, and in a certain way each other’s too: Gal was wearing one of Mor’s latest designs. Take a look at Pioo Pioo’s brand new line here, and check out Ugly Duckling’s fresh creations in my recent blog post.

Shelly Dahari – Jewelry and Accessories

These vintage/retro style accessories are taking us back to the 80 ‘. Shelly, the designers did her graduation at Vital Collage Tel Aviv, which is today’s Shankar. Now her jewelry is sold by over 20 boutiques all over Israel and abroad. “I love to combine in my designs a variety of materials, I use plastic, fabric, metal, and rope, old buttons and more … I use metals and brass plated with high quality of 24 carat gold.” she says. Dare to check out her Facebook and online store!

Northern Star by Nadav Rosenberg

Remember the Tel Aviv Fashion Week 2012’s Upcoming Designer section I wrote about? That’s where I first fell in love with Nadav’s designs. At the fashion fair he also presented the collection we saw on the runway, but the real hit was the new line of clothes, inspired by the 60’s. The origami-like patterns are actually three dimensional!

Layou Design by Hila Sharon

Hila knows exactly that sometimes less is more: her colors and black, white and grey, and she has no intention of changing that. The designer graduated from the Holon Institute of Technology in 2008 in the field of interior design, but soon she switched to her true passion – fashion design. “During my student years, I cut jerseys, I changed and made new models and I sold it to my friends on campus. I began to sew fabrics and basic models alone at home with a sewing machine.” she says. She named her brand as homage to her beloved Hungarian grandmother, Lea Gutman. Visit her Facebook and take a look at her web store

Leaving the venue after being there for two hours I was filled with inspiration, and seeing the line of people coming in I was sure: the tradition will continue at the next Dress Code fair. As a goodbye surprise, here is a photo of one of my favorite accessories from the event: the receptionist girl’s amazing tattoo. See you all next week!

All photos by me. Follow me on Facebook for daily updates! 

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