A Family of Fashion – Introducing Sister M

Sister M designers Rahya and Meital Mitrani have some very special gifts. First of all they are extremely imaginative and talented. Secondly they know the secret how to work together closely with a sister every single day, without having huge dramas. I visited the girls in their showroom to chat about the new line of clothes, their dreams, and their inspiration… 

Although Meital’s and Rahya’s mother created beautiful clothes for herself and for the kids, she never wanted her girls to study fashion. When Meital got accepted at Jerusalem’s famous art school, Betzalel, Rahya decided to follow her dream as well, and she chose Shankar – the prestigious academy of fashon in Tel Aviv. “We wanted to experience and learn different things, so one day when we will  have a fashion label together, we can both bring a new aspect into the work.” – as they say.

Rahya was working as an intern in Canada for half a semester, and she was so good, they didn’t even want to let her go. Her sister, Meital moved to New York for a few years, soon after graduation. In 2010 after the happy “family reunion” in Tel Aviv the girls decided to launch a t-shirt line, and as they had extreme success with it. Then they knew the time has come to create their own label.

The brand debuted at the 2011 Tel Aviv Fashion Week “Upcoming Designers” section, where they presented a brave, unique and classy collection of outfits and accessories, and the fashion scene learnt their names. Organizers of international fashion events invited them to participate, and magazines, stylists, celebrities approached them.

Sister M. also has a line of wedding gowns, and every dress of this collection is one of a kind. Besides the ready to wear items they also have a costume made line of clothes and accessories every season. Choosing from these very special pieces the costumer can decide what colors and fabrics she’d like the designers to work with.

While their previous collection was inspired by ethnic style with boho-chic elements, this year’s new line is a celebration of Israel’s capital, Jerusalem. The inspiration album what Rahya and Meital created while starting to work on the collection is a piece of art by itself: the fashion tribute to the city is not about overused religious clichés, but about how these ladies see their beloved city.

Asking the girls how is it possible not to fight 24/7 if you are working with your sister they said: “Oh, we are fighting all the time. At least once every day.” But when they were talking about their artistic inspiration, they seemed like they do agree about all the important things in life. They both adore Sophia Loren’s style and “larger than life” persona, and they both believe that the only way for them to run the label together is to remember: above being colleagues and sisters, they have to be true friends.

Visit Sister M.’s website, online store, and Facebook page for more eye candy. Showroom address: 79 Salame Street, Tel Aviv. Telephone: +972 50 902 8063 Photo credits: Instagram pictures by WhiteCityBoy, studio and runway photos by Sister M official. 

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