Hello from Hungary! – Introducing Gabriella Paradi

As this week I’m spending some time in Hungary, I decided it’s time to introduce you guys to my beautiful homeland, and it’s incredibly talented designers. My pick was a longtime friend and dedicated artist, Gabriella Paradi. 

I met Gabi about ten years ago, when I got a part in a Hungarian movie called Argo. I was playing a pretty bond guy from a typical boy band, who just had enough of the celebrity lifestyle. Gabi was the costume designer, so she was responsible for my yellow platform shoes, cream colored silk shirt, and leather pants.

We became friends instantly, and ever since then we’ve been working together on several movies and television shows. Although Gabi is often working as a stylist, she doesn’t like to be labeled. A stylist usually just picks the outfits, but in her case the job is so much more complex: she is fashion and costume designer, an illustrator, a painter, and recently a fashion blogger as well.

Visiting her online magazine, Pumpkin Paradise, it feels like you are stepping into her personal world of fashion and art. No surprise the blog has been nominated for the Hungarian „Golden Blog” awards.

Miss Parádi’s name went down in history as she was the first designer who created costumes for the opening show of the Hungarian Moulin Rouge. But as Hungary is a small country, and opportunities are not always knocking on the door, she quickly found herself a new passion: painting postcards. The limited edition, hand-painted, signed pictures can be ordered on her website.

 All pictures are taken from Gabriella Paradi’s Facebook page. Follow me on Facebook for daily updates

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