Your personal Vegan Chef in Tel Aviv: White City Boy

In Tel Aviv fashion and veganism walks hand in hand: even the most popular restaurants are making efforts to become “vegan friendly”. But there is nothing like a home cooked meal. Did you know that you can order a personal vegan lunch box from me? Besides being WhiteCityBoy, I’m vegan for over four years now, a food columnist of the Hungarian Cosmopolitan, and a #foodpornstar, as the popular Instagram hash tag calls passionate foodies.

I started to cook about ten years ago, but the real breakthrough was the year I turned vegan. I realized that if I don’t create my own food, I have to say goodbye to some of my favorite dishes, like dim sums, many Indian curries, eastern European dishes, burgers, pizza, and more. I started to experiment with vegan ingredients and by now I can honestly say that I can re-create any non-vegan dish in vegan version.

Studying creative writing in the UK I started to cook for a local organic café in East London, and our home of nine people from different cultural backgrounds turned into an all cooking all baking community. In the end we even opened up our kitchen as a pop up café. After moving to Tel Aviv I realized that if people want to eat good, earthy, healthy food they got to pay loads of money at restaurants, and they won’t always get what they want, so I decided to advertise the food I cook at home as a vegan lunchbox.

The tree part lunchbox is built up by a main course – obergin and tofu curry, sheperd’s pie, dim sums, traditional cholent, and many more -, a side dish – wild rice with fresh herbs, buckwheat with dried fruits cooked in wine, winter roots mash, and more -, and an extra dish, which can be a starter – like a soup, a vegan cheese platter, spring rolls, samosas, pakoras, or something sweet like muffins, cupcakes, chocolate mouse, pear pies, and so much more…

My subscribers never get to know what’s tomorrow’s dish until they see it, but they can always have requests for future meals, and I do my best to re-create their favorite non-vegan dish with no meat, milk products or eggs. I also host one on one cooking classes in my kitchen, or at anyone’s home, where I teach the preparation of specific dishes and general vegan ways of substituting animal products in everyday cooking.

My most important approach is to make people understand, how easy and effortless cooking can be, and how we can all make just about any food the best in our own home, for the third of the price of a fancy restaurant’s meal. My first cookbook comes out in Hungary this November, and on my Instagram anyone can follow me and see the many pics I’m taking of the colorful, heart and tummy-warming food I make everyday.

Being vegan is not simply a trendy diet. Meat, fish and dairy production are a major cause of world hunger. 40% of the global grain harvest and over 80% of all soya is used for animal feed. Ten kilos of grain, and 100,000 litres of water, are required to produce just 1 kilo of beef, while millions of people go hungry for lack of water and basic foodstuffs like grain. Animal products is also a major factor in climate change and global warming. And as George Bernard Shaw sais: “Animals are my friends… and I don’t eat my friends.”

For more info please drop me a line to, call me on +972547822475, and follow White City Boy on Facebook for daily fashion and food updates. All photos by me – check out my Instagram for more!

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