Fifty Shades of Gray in Tel Aviv

For all women of any age who likes to look different in their everyday wear! Please welcome’s first ever Q&A session, this time with the übercool KERENVEMICHAL duo’s 50%, Michal Nir. As the label’s designer is presenting he urban and edgy collection, she answers all my cheeky questions. 

Do you remember the first moment you fell in love with fashion?

All my family members are involved in one way or another with art and design, so it was only natural for me, growing in such a surrounding to get into fashion.

Do you think about fashion as a business or as an artistic field? Or can it be both?

At first for me it was passion only, but as i tried to make a living from it as well, i realized i can’t totally ignore the business part, and I must be realistic.

Who inspires you the most?

Everything inspires me, especially architecture, graffity elements, texture, music, and shapes… but really, everything inspires me.

What do you think is the greatest fashion mistake?

I believe shoulder pads!

Where would you send a fashion lover in Tel Aviv to look around?

Gan HaHashmal, the Electricity Garden area is a great place to visit.

Who is your favorite Israeli designer?

I really like Maya Bash’s work.

How do you see the situation of Israeli fashion? Is it growing, developing?

Israeli fashion is always evolves and develops but I believe the country we live in is one of the most difficult places to design for, and also to make a living from It.

What’s your opinion about the Tel Avivan people’s style in general? Is this a stylish city?

As everywhere else in the world Tel Aviv has it’s stylish people but in general people are not daring enough.

Which is your favorite color, material and pattern to work with?

I love geometry and over sized top designs, which are hiding a woman’s body and are creating a new proportion between the top and the bottom, so gives place to the design itself. I love grey color and natural fabrics, especially cotton.

Tell me about your current project/collection.

These days I’m starting working on the autumn/winter 2013 collectio. I love the winter season especially because of the fabrics and the mood in general.

Check out Michal’s designs at and her FaceBook. Follow WhiteCityBoy on Facebook for daily updates.

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