The Beauty Collector

It’s not easy to export Israeli-designed fashion these days, so it’s not surprising that some adventurous designers decide to try their luck abroad. Discovering the artistic world of  Tel Avivian fashion workers who made it outside of Israel, I ran into a poem. Here it goes…

“As I enter A room,
My eyes immediately scan the
A gentle red dress hanged in the corner
of a room;
A pair of brown shoes;
A single postcard on a white wall;A tourist guide in an antique library;
I feel a thrill and excitement which is
accompanied instantly with longing.
Nowadays; the objects and items
are instant; I love to collect them; to
cherish and find in each his own special
place. (…)

The poem is actually a description of a work of a young fashion designer/art/trend director, Amit Baruch.  Surprise surprise, she graduated in Shenkar, College Of Engineering and Design in 2011. She was born and raised in Tel-Aviv, but following an amazing job opportunity in London she moved to the UK where she lives now days.

Asking her about comparing her new and old home she said: “I must say that I find more inspiration from walking in Tel Aviv than in London. Might sound a bit funny, but here is a reason why you find trends in random places. Inspiration is easier to find when you’re not flooded by it.”

Amit has been working in PentLand Brands plc,  where many brands are managed/designed from, her position during this time was “Trend Director”, Delivering seasonal products direction and deep new trends research to the designers of the brand. Her recent projects included working with international brands like Speedo , Ellesse, and Red or Dead.

When I asked Amit about her source of creativity, she said: “I am a keen researcher, always curious and naturally well into music and the visual arts, with this at heart, I reflect my cultural knowledge into all I do, create. I’m very inspired by the visuality of objects, by the human behaviour, the humour in it and above all, good taste.”

Making clothes herself she always collected beautiful stories in forms of objects, rare fabrics and high quality materials – this is her daily routine, a never ending passion. In a world of images, she describes herself as a story teller.

Most of her projects begin with her capturing images of her environment through ‘self – taken photographs’, she exposes her inner world to the observer. Like meeting a perfect stranger, wanting to give him a gift in the shape of a beautiful story. What drives her is finding ways to use elements from her daily life into her design and make them come alive in a visual form that moves people.

Asking her about her first crush on fashion she said: “I come from a family that breathes Fashion and Art. My father introduced me to the wonderful world of music , which is always accompanied in my work. Trends, seasoning colours and designers names were part of my daily routine. I didn’t find interest in magazines and catwalks, I found the beauty walking outside, examining people and their wonderful/strange behaviour.”

Amit’s greatest inspiration sources are Henrik Vibskov, Moschino, and the one and only Sophie Calle. Her motto: “To achieve harmony in bad taste is the height of elegance.” Jean Genet Visit Amit’s Facebook page to find out more about her breathtaking art, or  step into her world at her official website, a real home of fashion, nostalgia, beauty and poetry.

All photos taken from Amit’s homepage. Follow me on Facebook for daily updates!

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