Shenkin Street – The Soho of Tel Aviv

I live a few corners away from Shenkin street, and I often hop over to enjoy the buzz. The street is just as busy as Dizengoff – the main street I introduced last time, but it’s just million times more easygoing.

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A few weeks ago when I set down for a moment on a bench, a random girl just looked at me and said: „Resting on a Shenkin-bench on Shabbat, wowowo!” She was right: Shenkin is a state of mind for all hipster families with tattooed dads and blond kids, urban hippies, hugging gay hubbies and eternally stylish girls.

The success story started about twenty years ago. A few designers, – like Israel’s jewellery queen, Michal Negrin – sold their goods on the Nachalat Binyamin street market, and decided to extend the open air craft mall on the continuation of the market’s street.

After the first few shops opened on Shenkin, it became an instant hotspot of the creative people: alternative theaters, cozy cafés and famous restaurants opened up one after the other – check out Orna and Ella for the best vegan omlet in town!

Today high class fashion stores, casual wear shops and independent designer studios all share the crowd’s attention. International brands as Billabong, Adidas, and Hawaianas are all presenting their most colorful, less mainstream collections in their Shenkin-shops.

Not to mention the blossoming vintage business – check out Shtaim at 38 Shenkin, and say hello to all the clothes you were supposed to steel from your granny’s wardrobe. Also, turn off Shenkin for a sec at Almonit street and hit HaMachteret – meaning „The Underground” – as well: it’s the best vintage treasure box in town.


Recently many famous Israeli designers turned their shops into an outlet store on Shenkin – sample sales, last few items of the season, and slightly damaged, still beautiful pieces are waiting for the shopaholics – check out super chic Naama Bezalel, always flattering Ronen Chen, easy to wear and sexy Banot by Lulu Liam, and rebelous Sisters – all on Shenkin street.

Stay with me next week when I’m taking you to a visit in a brand new shop of Shenkin street, as jewellery designer, Shlomit Ofir is hosting his brand new „Tiny Collection”.

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