Window Shopping on Dizingoff Street

My Monday night was such a blast: I got an invitation to a “Bloggers Gathering” meting at Gertrud as the label was launching it’s annual sample sale. I got to meet some other fashion bloggers from Tel Aviv, and as Gertrud’s flagship store is on Dizengoff, I decided to introduce this magical neighborhood to readers, through the bloggers eyes.

Searching for fun blogs about Dizengoff street I bumped into this brilliant photo by ThatGirlInHaifa. The photographic blog states a simple mission: “To tell stories about life in this nutso country, and to reveal both it’s dysfunction and normalcy.”

The girl behind Israel’s most famous streetfashion blog is Yael Sloma, a journalist, reporter and photographer. Her blog turned into an international success, she even published pieces in Vogue and Glamour magazines. I chose a few amazing photos from her blog, all shot on Dizengoff street.

Yael’s pics are the living proof that if you want to catch the most bravely dressed Tel Avivians, you have a high chance finding them around here.

Hipsters, high class businessmen and women, cheeky fashion victims and shamelessly experimenting teenagers all love to show off their outfits on Dizengoff street.

Surfing the web I found out that the neighborhood actually has it’s own Tumblr blog. presents the life in Tel Aviv through the eyes of a mysterious local patriot.

Whoever is behind the blog, he is truly a genius. Catching fashion moments, social interactions and unexpected, yet so typical moments, he is channeling “’l’hizdangeff” – which literally means “To Dizengoff”. Once this was a popular slang in Israel for “going out”, due to the cosmopolitan atmosphere of the street.

Although many local designers have showrooms here, Dizengoff street is also the home of high street fashion. You remember the famous Rodeo Drive shopping scene in “Pretty Woman”? Well if Vivien was born in Israel, this is the street where it would happen.

And now check out my own pics. Striking a pose at the famous fountain on Dizengoff square. The colorful spring always reminds me on 60’s supermodel Twiggy’s outfits.

This is where I get my fashion magazines. Dizengoff Center is a gigantic shopping mall with 420 stores and super-busy weekends: on Fridays it’s visited by about around crazy amount of 45 000 people!

Wherever you’ll go, you’ll hear music. Sometimes street musicians are popping up in a street corner, other times an old violinist will entertain the pedestrians. At this juice place the record is always on… wanna hear a little pear?

What makes this street so special is the little old shops paired with brand new showrooms and fancy studios. I love to get lost in the sometimes bizarre, sometimes incredibly creative window shops. This one’s a bit of both of them, I guess.

Gorgeous vintage dresses and accessories. These shops are real treasuries for Abba, Princess Diana, and Madonna fans…

Sexy or Snoopy? Do you see my point when I’m telling you: Dizengoff street has clothes for a-n-y occasion?

Lined with coffee houses, restarants , fashion stores, artist studios and antiques fair, this street never sleeps.

With my upcoming post we are continuing the discovery of the best shopping hotspots of Tel Aviv – next stop is Shenkin street! Meanwhile follow me on Facebook for daily updates!

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