The Lights of London

It’s been over a week since my last post, and as you noticed on the White City Boy Facebook site, I’m having the time of my life… in London. But style doesn’t go for xmas vacation: anywhere I look I find myself bumping into some sort of inspiration to write about. So here I go, sharing with you two of my most interesting fashion moments at my winter holiday in the UK.

#1 Pirate Radio boat party at the end of the World

Did you guys see the movie “The Boat That Rocked”, starring Philip Seymour Hoffman? The story takes place on a boat in ’60s, and it’s about a band of DJs that captivated Britain, playing „forbidden” rock ’n’ roll and standing up to a government that wanted classical music, and nothing else. The legendary radio station, Pirate Radio’s spirit is still alive, and their mission is the same: to air non-commercial music and let creativity flow as the river through London town. „If the World’s coming to an end you want to be on a moving boat! …so we’ve got one and invite you all on the journey!” said the invitation for the „Last Party of the Universe”. This was way to interesting to be missed…

By the Mayan’s calendar December 21. 2012 would be the end of a life cycle, and so, the Pirate Radio Boat floated into the Dawn of the New Age. That is why we’ve put on our fancy dresses: to celebrate the Armageddon with London’s finest musicians and DJ’s, bumping into other pirates, wearing the most outrageous outfits ever. We danced to samba, bongo drums, Gipsy, Klezmer, and Turkish folk music, and meanwhile we adored the spectacular sight of the city from the river of no return. These amazing pics were taken by the party’s official photographers, Laura Beduz and Jason Moon, and I honestly think they should turn them into a photographic album, telling the story of the Pirate Radio in our age.

#2 Coffee in Style

A few days ago I walking down the canal side just under Broadway Market, and I felt irresistible desire for a really good coffee. I remembered this cafe closeby, called Hurwundeki so I invited myself for a soya cappuccino.  The bohemian hair salon/café/fashion showroom is owned by Korean hairstylist and honest fashion fan Ki-Chul Lee. The venue’s old brick walls are decorated with profound paintings, and the shelves are filled with hand picked vintage stuff from top hats to old children’s toys.

The selection of clothes is just as surreal as the place itself: soft peach and caramel colors are paired with the many shades of neon. I took some photos and I sneaked in some pics from the Huwundeki Facebook page: vintage floral dresses, perfectly tailored casual jackets are waiting for the happy costumers who come for a haircut, or just for a slice of organic chocolate brownie. Mr Lee is not only a brilliant business man and talented designer, but a really impressive personality as well. He is a father of two, but at his artistic space he is the one who is playing with toys of style.

Next week I’ll already report from “back home”, Tel Aviv, meanwhile like me for daily bits and bites of fashion. Have a wonderful New Year’s Eve, and a 2013 filled with joy, love, creativity and beauty!

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