The Echanting Beauty of Middle East… on five squaremetres

Let’s face it: no matter how much we love fashion, in our profit-orientated world very often it’s all about selling, selling, selling. One who works in the fashion industry rarely meets true authenticity. But when we do, we recognize it instantly. That’s what happened to me when I first laid my eyes on Tamar Primak‘s collection…

It happened on  the second day of the Tel Aviv Fashion Week. I was sitting in the front row, having absolutely no idea what to expect – as her show was the opening scene of the event. I lived through a couple of London Fashion Weeks, and to be honest, sometimes the fun of being “out there”, and meeting new people is much more exciting than the fashion shows themselves. But not this time.

As the first model – a famous Israeli actress Keren Mor, friend and devoted fan – appeared on the runway, I felt like the “fashion dry spell” in my life is officially over. Tamar’s collection aligned feminine caftans and jellabiyahs in earth colors. The creations, presented by models of mixed ages were very definition of Israel: “out of this world” beauty meets earthy functionality, topped by spirituality. No surprised I was jumping up and down from joy when the Fashion Week crew took the foreign press journalists to a tour in Tel Aviv, and one of our stops was Tamar’s studio.

Meeting Tamar in person is just as inspirational as admiring the beauty of her studio. She and her family live in a truly Tel Avivian home in the very middle of the White City, where her bedroom is her showroom as well. Her way of designing, manufacturing and advertising gives an opportunity to experience a world gone with the wind: instead of a fancy shop on one of the main roads she is offering a personal connection, and a very special attention to each and every costumer.

Tamar’s message is clear: everyone is welcomed. Her hospitality is way beyond introducing her collection. It’s more about bringing together different worlds from Damascus and  Egypt through London and Berlin, arriving to Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. Her textiles are arriving from surrounding countries, her vision is inspired by the streets of Paris – which is her all time favorite city -, and her self painted patterns are often taken from wallmurals of ancient synagogues. And non of her garments can be complete without adding colorful, one of a kind vintage buttons.

Since her graduation from Tel Aviv’s avowed design school Shankar in 2004 she gathered a lot of experience in many different fields of fashion all over the world: she worked for Marks and Spencer in London, for Shumacher in Berlin, and as she returned to Israel she opened her first studio in the heart of Jerusalem. By now it seems like Tamar found exactly what she was looking for, and her fans have a great appreciation towards her chosen way: fashion icons , business women and movie stars are among the regular guests who visit her in her warm and cozy “time capsule” home-boutique.

Shop online in Tamar Primak’s Etsy store, or visit her studio in Tel Aviv. On week days make an appointment on 052-2630564. Open house on Fridays: 09:30-13:00. Address: Ruppin street 43, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

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