Follow The White Rabbit… to Pioo Pioo’s!

Young Tel Avivian designer, Mor Bauer built up a world where grown up ladies can slide down on rainbows and throw stars on their outfits. Getting inspired by her favorite songs – such as Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds by the Beatles , she creates the ultimate Girl’s World, filled with fun, nostalgia, laughter, and love.

Stepping into the Pioo Pioo showroom is truly an adventure: Mor is running her store herself, giving a little sneak-peek into the fashion-wonderland of a dedicated artist who is not willing to compromise. She doesn’t believe in following trends, she believes in following her heart. The unitary, yet versatile collection includes charmingly elegant dresses for every season, and feminine, super-eye catching creations decorated with magical rainbows, peaceful rockets, and fluffy bunnies.

At  Mor’s tiny jewellery box-like studio choosing just one piece can never be an option – as for me, I already knew on the spot, that I’ll regret not getting the „Emerald City” jacket, inspired by a men’s suit piece from the 80`s. And maybe a necklace covered with zillions of sparkling stars, handmade… for several, and I mean s-e-v-e-r-a-l hours. Pioo Pioo is a celeb-favorite as well: one of the fans is Israeli actress, Nelly Tagar, who’s always been a great admirer Mor’s creations, knowing that every piece comes in a very limited numbers of copies, so there is absolutely no chance for an embarrassing „double issue” on the red carpet.

And as everybody is a star on her wedding day, Mor’s new catalog also includes a fantastic looking wedding dress, and she creates more gown designs on request any time of the year.  You can always catch up with the latest designs at Pioo Pioo’s online shop, where the designer lists all the information about every item – sizes, material, measurements and even wash&care, topped with chic pics of each and every piece warn by a model, and simply presented on a white canvas as well.

White City Boy <3 Pioo Pioo – SALE: Use the password “WHITECITYBOY” while shopping at her Etsy store, and you’ll get an eternal 10% discount from every item! For only two weeks – until the 10th of December – the promotion is valid for “live” shopping as well at the Pioo Pioo Showroom, Tel Aviv, Gat Rimon 13. Mobile: 054-4773542

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Credits: All photos are taken from Pioo Pioo’s Facebook page. Catalog photos – photography by Guli Gilaad Cohen, styling by Keren Naftaly, makeup by Shiran Friedland, hair by Benjamin Rumi, head pieces by Tami Bar-Lev, illustration by Shira Barzilay, model: Fabrine Constantini 


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