TLV Fashion Goes Global

Well, people of Tel Aviv… It’s pretty weird to think about it that a few days ago we’ve been sipping champagne and chatting about the season’s upcoming colours, while now days the only front row we get is the first step of the stairway as we are waiting for the siren to stop. However, I have a strong belief that the three days of the Tel Aviv Fashion Week was a very powerful tool to make a point – professionally and politically as well…

Ginger beauty – wearing Tamar Primak

In Fashion Week time zone 10 AM is more like 6 AM… the Moschino after party the night before was rather toxicating as I had way too much wine, but at least I had the chance to introduce myself to Ofir Lev, the president of TLV FW. The guy clearly had a great vision how to bring art and business together: day 2 was even better than the opening night. My sleepiness was instantly gone as Tamar Primak‘s collection appeared on the runway. Tamar’s dresses -often inspired by caftans and bedouin jalabiyas – are perfect examples of how fashion can bring the different people together, and show them how we’re all the same. Her brocades and silks are arriving straight from Damascus, she is using Egyptian cotton, and her prints are inspired by patterns of ancient synagogues and national costumes from the Middle East. My favorite features were the vintage buttons, as they gave every single dress a different story to tell…

Israeli actress Keren Mor walking the runway at Tamar Primak’s show

Tuesday’s second show took us to the surreal and hypnotic world of Anya Fleet. The designer, who graduated at Tel Aviv’s most prestigious fashion school, Shenkar Collage of Engineering and Design launched a collection of perfectly sculptured outfits of many kind. New age bomber jackets, “classic with a twist” pencil skits, and dramatic capes… and so much more. The super sexy flaming red, juicy pumpkin, and romantic autumn leaves-colors of the runway put me in the mood for some more eroticism, and soon I got what I was waiting for: the black laces decorated with hand made floral frills were reminding me of Julia Roberts’s famous “piano love scene” lingerie.

Dark and delicious – models wearing Anya Fleet creations

The next piece of the Fashion Week cake was Liora Taragan‘s mystical collection, which – quoting the designer – “invoked the Pocahantas in all of us”. The creator of this “Native American Dream” seems to be the reincarnation of Frida Kahlo. As the iconic artist brought a brand new way of painting into this world, Liora “gave birth” to a brand labeled by unusual  knitting and sewing technique, crowned by gold and silver accessories, and dramatically playful decorations of feathers and seashells.

Liora Taagan went kinda Gothic…

The highlight of the night was the fashion/talent show presenting Israel’s blossoming designers, featuring Dana Harel, Mark Goldenberg, Maria Berman, Muslin Brothers, First Kiss, Nili Ben Simon, Northern Star by Nadav Rosenberg, Sabina Mosiif, and my personal favorite, Yael Susser. Each and every young fashionista presented a mini-collection, and after the judges – formed by local journalists, famous designers and style icons – decided that Mark Goldenberg’s futuristic and frankly not very practical collection is The One, they announced the big news: the winner will design collection for a chain of stores, and will be sold across the country by 2013.

Creations of upcoming designers Sabina (above) and Yael Zisser (below)

The very last day of the fashion feast was was sweetened by the most sparkling eye candy one can ever see: Michal Negrin presented her 2013 collection with the magical moves of a contemporary dance performance group. The world famous Israeli designer, who started her business at the Nachalat Binyamin craft fair didn’t let down her fans: the clothes were romantic as a rose bush in a sunset, and colourful as a My Little Pony riding a crystallised rainbow…

Jane Austen hero or fashion model? – Michal Negrin fashion show

Photos:, TLV FW

As I woke up from the magical dream called Fashion Week, I had to fall back asleep into the nightmare of the bombing… but hey, who says that a nightmare can’t be fashionable? As the first siren started to cry above the White City, I decided I’m gonna put together soon a flawless selection of designer clothes what you can wear in the shelters, and because they are just as comfortable as beautiful, they will even cheer you up in these rather challenging times. Meanwhile follow me on Facebook!

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