Italian Eclecticism – Moschino 2012 Spring-Summer at the Tel Aviv Fashion Week

Tel Aviv’s second Fashion Week opened last night night with an extremely eclectic fashion show by iconic Italian fashion label, Moschnino. Having a big name in the fashion industry comes with great expectations from the audience, and these guys did make the show grandiose… some would say even slightly over the top.

It doesn’t happen very often that Tel Aviv is soaking in rain, but as Fashion Weeks usually have horrible weather, the city decided to live up for the expectations. The old train station got a major style makeover for this three days, and wrapped in red carpet looked absolutely fabulous – even in pouring rain. (I naturally wasn’t bothered by so much water as I chose to dress up as Donald Duck.)

The crowd went slightly crazy when we found out that there are not enough seats inside the venue – an old remise turned into a gorgeous runway, but by the time we got in we were all very happy for the slight delay: I really enjoyed taking photos of the guests wearing the most exciting outfits. After all the fashion of the most courageous individuals is the inspiration for the designers who we like to call trendsetters, and not the other way around.

What we saw on the runway, in a few words: futuristic cyborg outfits, romantic floral dresses, geometric prints, at times overwhelming Italian kitsch, navy style meets cowgirl style, and lounge suits inspired by washing powder emblems. The models were channeling Barbie and Ken going on a shopping trip to Europe and getting lost in the jungle of Euro-fashion. By the end of the show I wasn’t sure if I’m in Tel Aviv or Milan: the models were carrying around huge flags of Italy as the show turned into a global celebration of the Eternal (and shameless) Italian Woman.

In the next few days White City Boy will be the first in line to follow the most exciting shows of the Israeli designers, bringing you backstage, red carpet and runway pics. Follow me on Facebook for even more eye candy.

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