Fashion (Fun) Fair

Those of you who think that on Friday afternoons in Tel Aviv all we do is baking a nice piece of challach bread… you’re so wrong. Dress Code, the White City’s most extraordinary fashion fair is actually just as sacred as the Shabbat itself. 

Entering the venue – it became crystal clear that everyone who is anyone is obligated to be here. Designers from all over the country (yes, there is life outside of Tel Aviv as well), models, actors, trendsetter celebrities, bloggers  and buyers all come together to celebrate fashion in it’s best.

Probably this is the only place in the world where a winter season fashion sale can, more over must include bathing suits. Gal Angel – the cheeky girl with the smiley face – creates retro-chic swimwear and lingerie since 2008. Her brand, Ugly Duckling labels the perfect outfits for a stylish city beach girl – the kind what Marilyn Monroe (and Jack Lemmon) embodied while playing with the beach ball in Some Like It Hot.

I also met Nelly Tagar, gorgeous Israeli actress – needless to say, she is just as charming as beautiful. She recently payed Shakespeare’s Juliet in Israel’s National Theatre, and now that I met her I desperately want to see her on stage.

She showed me around in the venue, introducing me to her favorite jewelry designer Inbar Shapira, creator of the decadently beautiful necklace she was wearing. Her label, Ambar features mainly gold accessories with the magical power of turning anyone into an Esmeralda-kinda gypsy princess.

Nelly’s sweet little dress, decorated with stars and clouds instantly made me want to get to know more about Mor Bauer, the designer who’s responsible for this fairy tale princess outfit. Turns out, Mor’s label, PIOO PIOO was one of the greatest sensations of last year’s Tel Aviv Fashion week – that’s when I decided that the brand deserves it’s on post on White City Boy, so be prepared to step inside into Mor’s magical world very soon.

My other fashion-crush was First Kiss, the label created by Tomer Almoznino and Diana Bazeli. Their story is just as romantic as the brand’s name itself: the colleges and good friends met each other ten years before they established their fashion label, but after their “first kiss” at the age of 12 they didn’t even meet for over a decade. After re-uniting they realized they are much better in making amazingly beautiful, well tailored evening gowns and outerwear together, then in further kissing.

Dress Code fashion sale is going in hibernation ’till springtime, but White City Boy continues to discover Tel Aviv as you never seen before. Next week I’m gonna take us behind the scenes of  the Tel Aviv Fashion Week, starting with an unforgettable  Moschnino runway show. Excited? You should be!

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