The True Colors of Nachalat Binyamin

Whoever says Tel Aviv is not gay enough probably missed walking on this gigantic rainbow flag AKA Nachalat Binyamin. Imagine a street where you can find hundreds of different shades of each and every color, where the time has stopped before ugly shopping malls took over the world, and where the yelling of the salesmen is probably loud enough to be heard in outer space as well. 

Well, this where I live… and this is what I LOVE. I chose to take White City Boy readers here – first thing as the blog starts – because it’s just simply the most authentic and fun way of throwing you guys into Tel Aviv’s melting pot of style, fashion and fun. Nachlat Binyamin, lined with cafes, restaurants, and  – most importantly – fabric stores is the textile heaven of Tel Aviv, of Israel, and maybe even of the whole entire Universe.

Although this is where I’m walking my dogs day by day, so I know the street as I know my own wardrobe, taking these photos made me feel like I’m experiencing it like a virgin… for the very first time.  Stepping into a haberdashery is  like jumping into Mary Poppin’s bottomless carpet bag, and arriving to the fairy tale land of fabulous bows and ties, one of a kind buttons and buckles, stunning girdles and ruffles.

Creative genius fashion designers are snooping around the stores to find the perfect drapes as dozens merchants are selling fabrics in unlimited amounts and inconceivable colors. Flying above Tel Aviv the cabin crew often points out the street to the tourists, because the magnificent splash of colors are clearly visible even from the aeroplanes. Well, at least it was:  sadly Tel Aviv municipality announced that a ban on placing fabrics on the street is going into effect… today. A little piece of Tel Aviv’s heart stops beating: what will be with the true “Nachalat Binyamin experience”?

I promise, I’ll give you more of it soon: every Friday morning (when the Blue Danube Waltz played by the symphonic band wakes me up from my sweetest dreams) the street hosts a weekly craft market where the artists are selling their own, handmade stuff  from unique jewels to übercute handbags. Excited? Stay tuned for more on White City Boy!

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